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US Spy Operations in Mindanao

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    ... INPEACE MINDANAO Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines mindainpeace@yahoo.com ... STATEMENT January 26, 2005 US spy
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      Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao
      Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

      January 26, 2005

      US spy operations in Mindanao an act of "bullying"

      InPeace Mindanao strongly opposes the United States' plan to conduct
      and provide US military intelligence and assistance here in this
      country, as this will only lead to further tensions in the persisting
      conflicts in Mindanao.

      US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone's admission of a spy network of 70
      American intelligence personnel here in Mindanao is a brazen act of
      bullying. The Philippine government's "request" for such personnel
      is likewise an open invitation for US meddling in the nation's
      internal affairs, a treasonous act against the Constitution and the
      national sovereignty.

      Ricciardone is the resurrected ghost of General Pershing, the highest
      American military official to have conducted reconnaissance
      operations in Mindanao in the early 1900s. Today, Ricciardone flaunts
      American arrogance by unleashing spies and training the local
      military as proxies for American espionage operations. His threats
      against the New People's Army (NPA) and the Moro Islamic Liberation
      Front (MILF) is a clear act of meddling in the internal peace

      The Strategic Support Branch, a creation of Washington particularly
      under the Department of Defense, intends to function as an
      intelligence network with local spy networks and tapping of national
      intelligence databases in Third World Countries. We believe that
      this "job description" is a euphemism for American covert or dirty
      tactics operations.

      As pointed out by Senator Aquilino Pimentel, we believe the self-
      inflicted injury suffered by CIA agent Michael Terrence Meiring in
      Davao City in the Evergreen Hotel explosion in May 2002 is one
      indication that the US government is engaged in special operations to
      orchestrate and manipulate events and the political situation in

      The establishment of this satellite spy network here shows the intent
      of the US government to push their military and economic agenda in
      Mindanao and in the Asia Pacific under the pretext of its global
      campaign against terror that is already widely discredited before the
      rest of the world.

      We recall Ambassador Ricciardone's statement that Mindanao has a lot
      of potential for growth. This could be read as the US eyeing
      potential investments in the mineral-rich resources here. This holds
      true in the case of the natural gas deposits in the Liguasan Marsh
      and Deuterium deposits in the Philippine Deep.

      The presence of the US military operatives here only disrupts the
      efforts of Mindanaoans towards building a lasting peace based on
      justice and democratization of the island's resources.

      We laud Senator Pimentel and Congressmen Antonio Cuenco, Marcelino
      Libanan, Crispin Beltran and Joel Virador for taking up the cudgels
      for our national sovereignty, while the Arroyo government has
      obviously reneged on this Constitutional duty.

      Mobile No. 0918-929-4244
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