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Moro Group Condemns Bombings

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    ATTENTION: MR. REINARES Press Release February 15, 2005 Moro group condemns bombings, But tells president do not solve terror with terror The mounting death
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      Press Release
      February 15, 2005

      Moro group condemns bombings,
      But tells president "do not solve terror with terror"

      The mounting death toll caused by the orchestrated bombings that hit
      Makati, General Santos, and Davao City, which were all claimed to
      have been conducted by the "Abu Sayyaf Group" as a "valentine gift"
      for the president, triggered condemnation from the Muslim sector.

      "To unleash such terror that victimized the innocent is deplorable
      and condemnable to the highest degree. Whoever conducted the bombings
      has proven that they are not the "vanguards of Islam" that they claim
      to be. Instead, they turn out to be an enemy of the people," Cosain
      Naga, Moro Christian Peoples Alliance (MCPA) Spokesman said.

      Forewarning against crackdowns

      On the other hand, Naga warned that the Arroyo government should not
      use these strings of bombings to once again conduct crackdowns in
      Moro communities both in Metro Manila and in Mindanao.

      "It is a widely known fact that the military and the police has for
      many a time wreaked terror in Moro communities in the guise of
      running after such bandit groups as the ASG and the Pentagon Gang. It
      is also common knowledge that these operations end up to illegal
      detentions, torture, and other cases of harassment mostly among
      innocent civilians" Naga said citing instances in the Basilan
      crackdown on 2001 which caused more than 100 Moro men, including
      women to be jailed.

      He added, "we fear that with the ASG's crimes, our innocent Moro
      brothers and sisters will suffer the backlash (retaliation) from the
      military. Hence, we ask the Arroyo government along with the national
      police and military to exercise good judgment and prudence in facing
      this matter. Terror with not be solved with terror."

      Peace Efforts

      According to the MCPA, the Bangsamoro and the Filipino people must
      push the Arroyo government to pursue genuine peace efforts.

      "The raging war in Sulu and these series of bombings root from causes
      that the government has long failed to address. Unfortunate it may be
      to say, we fear that as long as a genuine peace efforts are not shown
      by the Arroyo administration, there will be no end to the cyclical
      pattern of war in Mindanao and to the series of retaliation attacks
      from bandit groups which the inutile military and police have long
      failed to curb," Naga said.

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