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Re: [justpeaceinasia] Fwd: workshop on Gender, diversity and development

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  • JahanAra
    Dear Max   Thanks for the info. i will forward this info to others here.   Peace jahan ara     ... From: Max Ediger Subject:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2008
      Dear Max
      Thanks for the info. i will forward this info to others here.
      jahan ara

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      From: Max Ediger <ediger.max@...>
      Subject: [justpeaceinasia] Fwd: workshop on Gender, diversity and development
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      Date: Friday, 19 September, 2008, 1:49 PM


      Workshop on  

      Gender, diversity and development

      20 – 24 October 2008 at Visthar, Bangalore

      080- 28465294 / 5, 65349492, 9945551310(mobile) , www.visthar. org




      'Addressing social and political marginalization requires a mature and complex understanding of the factors that marginalize particular individuals and groups.  Improving development policy and practice means developing ways of working which acknowledge difference, rather than suppressing it…This entails confronting issues of power and inequality, acknowledging racism, sexism, casteism, and other forms of discrimination, and … celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each  individual'.( Gender and Development, an Oxfam Journal,  Volume  12, Number I) Understanding diversity in all its complexity is very important for Civil Society Organizations and all those involved in addressing marginalization and poverty.


      This is the second programme that Visthar is facilitating on the same theme this year. The first, a one month certificate course, was offered in collaboration with the Xavier Institute of Social Sciences (XISS) in August 2008.  The course was much appreciated both for its content and methodology. 28 participants drawn from civil society organizations in six countries in South Asia participated in the course. Several more had expressed interest but could not make it due to various reasons.  Some had specifically requested for a shorter duration programme.  Keeping this mind we are offering a 5-day workshop on Gender, Diversity and Development to be held from 20th to 24th of October 2008 at Visthar, Bangalore.


      The workshop aims at exploring the different dimensions of diversity, reviewing how development policies and practices have dealt with gender and diversity, and evolving perspectives and skills for integrating gender and diversity concerns into our organizations and programmes.  The specific objectives of the workshop are listed below:



      The course aims at strengthening participants' :

      ·        Understanding of concepts of gender, diversity, and development in the South Asian context.

      ·        Understanding the recent debates on concepts of gender, third gender, masculinities, women's rights and empowerment.

      ·        Understanding of the links between social relations and social institutions (household, community, market, media, religion, state etc.) in South Asia.

      ·        Understanding of the implications of globalization and communalism for gender relations and women's rights.

      ·        Skills in gender analysis and planning and policy reviews from a gender and diversity lens.




      The course will follow an action-reflection- action model (Paulo Freire) and will build on participants' own experiences and knowledge base. The methodologies will include group discussions, case studies, role plays, films/ documentaries,   input sessions and exposure visits.




      The course is designed for women and men working with Civil Society Organisations, Government Organisations (GOs), International and national NGOs and Faith Based Organisations in South Asia.  Medium of communication will be English.




      The workshop will be facilitated by Ms. Mercy Kappen and Mr. Amlan Ganguly.

      Ms. Kappen, Associate Director of Visthar has been involved in capacity building of Civil Society Organisations for over two decades.  Her published works include Gender, Poverty and Rights: A Trainer's Manual and Institutionalising Gender within Organisations and Programmes: A Trainer's Manual (both co-authored with Ranjani K. Murthy).

      Mr. Ganguly, a qualified lawyer, is the founder-director of Prayasam, Kolkatta. Ashoka, a global association of the world's leading social entrepreneurs, has recognized him as an individual whose innovative solutions to social problems have the potential to change patterns across society, and has awarded him the title of Ashoka Fellow in 2006. Has worked with national / overseas agencies and corporates.


      Other resource persons will be invited for specific sessions.


      Course fee and registration


      The course fee is Rs.2000/-(Rupees two thousand only). The fee covers course materials, resource persons' honorarium and exposure visits. Board and lodging will be sponsored by Visthar.  Participants will have to meet their own travel expenses.  Interested candidates are requested to fill in the enclosed form and mail it to us before the 10th of October with a cheque / draft for Rs. 2000/- drawn in favour of Visthar, Bangalore.  A few partial scholarships are available for deserving candidates from India on a first come first served basis.


      For further details contact

       Mercy Kappen, mail@visthar. org; mercykappen@ yahoo.com

      Registration Form

      Gender, Diversity and Development

      20-24 October 2008 at Visthar, Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore 562 149

      080-28465294 /5, 65349492, 9945551310 (mobile)


      Please fill in the following details and mail it to us before the 10th of October with a cheque or draft for Rs. 2000/- drawn in favour of Visthar, Bangalore.













      Contact No:







      Sex and Age



      Educational Background




      Languages Known



      Nature of work /involvement



      Any specific expectations or requirements?





      Registration / Course fee (mode of payment)







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