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[justpeaceinasia] a statement for Korean hostages

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  • Yam Bahadur Kisan
    Dear Jae Young Lee Not only me it is really shocking matters for all human being of the world, about Korean hostages in Afghanistan. The Korean government
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2007
      Dear Jae Young Lee
      Not only me it is really shocking matters for all human being of the world, about Korean hostages in Afghanistan. The Korean government should take stape to rescue their citizens. We are praying the save life of  them.
      Yam Kisan

      이재영 <kojay99@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends
      I believe you have heard about Korean hostages in Afghanistan.
      Two of them were already killed and all Korean people are worrying much about remaining 22 people's life.
      I am forwarding a statement that Korean peace organizations made regarding safe return of the hostages and withdrawal of the Korean troops from Afghanistan. Asking for your support and prayers!
      샬롬 (Shalom)
      이재영 (Jae Young Lee)
      평화부 담당 간사 (Peace Program Director)
      한국 아나뱁티스트 센터 (02-554-9615)
      Korea Anabaptist Center (www.kac.or.kr)
      부원장 (Vice-President)
      커넥서스 어학원 (02-501-3224)
      Connexus Language Institute (www.connexus. co.kr)
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _
      "Let's Dream Impossible Dreams!"
      Statement by the Korean anti-war and peace movement urging for the safe return of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan and the immediate withdrawal of the Korean troops
      1. 21 Korean civilians are being kept in captivity since their abduction by the Taliban on the 19th of July. The group has threatened to execute the hostages unless the Korean government agrees to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and also make Kabul comply with their demand to free  Taliban prisoners. Deeply distressed, we are hoping with all our hearts that the 21 civilians will return safely.
      2. We earnestly appeal to the Taliban. The practice of abducting and threatening to execute innocent civilians only induces a vicious cycle of violence. The Korean people are equally mourning for the countless war victims killed in Afghanistan and believe that there should be no additional victims of such tragic incidents. We request a safe release of the hostages according to the humanitarian spirit.
      3. We condemn the Korean government for supporting the U.S. government’s Global War on Terror and participating as part of the coalition. The Korean government did inform its people neither of the true purpose and role of the dispatch nor of the actual situation in Afghanistan. It attempted to varnish the truth that the troops were dispatched to take part in the War on Terror and support the coalition forces by claiming that being a support to Afghanistan’s reconstruction was their function. We strongly urge the government to withdraw the troops immediately.
      4. We clearly state that we understand this situation as part of the disaster caused by the U.S. government's Global War on Terror. The U.S. invasion following other foreign invasions and internal warfare has ravaged the land of Afghanistan and devastated the lives of the Afghans. The armed resistance of the Taliban against the U.S. occupation is escalating, resulting in frequent abductions and terrorist attacks. The war and occupation in Afghanistan must come to an immediate end and the international community is obliged to strive to eradicate such ruthless violence.
      5. Our wish is an end to the foreign occupation in Afghanistan and the restoration of peace by its own people. The Korean anti-war and peace movement has been exerting collective effort for this purpose, and will continue to do so. We appeal to the international community for unreserved efforts and support for the safe release of the Korean nationals in captivity.

      Mr. Yam Bahadur Kisan
      M.A., B.L. (Tribhuwan University, Nepal)
      Advocate, Supreme Court of Nepal
      Author / Researcher / Human Rights Activist
      P.O.Box No : 21066
      Kathmandu, Nepal
      Phone : 0097712021175
      Email : ybkisan@...

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