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Justpeace Education Resource Kit - Call for material

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  • Trisha Niemeyer
    Dear All, I believe that Max has previously sent the summary report of the Justpeace Education for Children and Youth Workshop that was held in Hyderabad this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2006


      Dear All,


      I believe that Max has previously sent the summary report of the Justpeace Education for Children and Youth Workshop that was held in Hyderabad this past November. It was suggested at the conclusion of the workshop to create a resource kit to help teachers and students integrate the ideas of justpeace into their local contexts. The participants involved in the workshop will be submitting information for this resource kit, as will participants of the School for Peace which will be starting this coming February.


      Please take a look at the following message, and see if there are ways that you may be able to contribute to this initiative. If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.


      Sorry for cross-posting.




      Greetings from Hong Kong!


      It is my hope that you are all well and actively involved in pursuits towards integrating justpeace education in your own contexts. It is also my hope that we can begin to share these ideas with each other and begin to develop the resource kit, which we agreed would be a useful resource at the conclusion of our workshop back in November.


      Through our discussions, many examples of justpeace education were shared. We are now at the point of collecting these stories and additional resources for future development of the resource kit.


      Max and I have brainstormed a series of possible categories under which different stories/examples/tools may fall. These include:


      Traditional Songs

      Traditional Poetry

      Traditional Folktales

      Traditional Myths

      Children’s Stories

      Traditional Celebrations

      Faith-based Symbols & Stories

      Customs (greetings)






      Other Activities


      If you have material that does not seem to fit within any of these categories please do not hesitate to forward your ideas along with suggestions of additional, or more applicable, categories. This is a work in progress, so let your creative energy flow.


      When submitting material, please keep in mind two critical ideas:


      First, we are looking for localized/traditional tools that are used in your communities to address conflict and integrate the ideas of justpeace. In this respect we feel that collection of this material should not be viewed as a new project, rather as a shift in attitude towards deeper awareness of your own surroundings in order to identify and integrate justpeace into that which already exists.


      Second, given that the material is contextual it is important to know from where the different ideas/tools come and how they are used. This process identifies case studies and useful “how-to’s,” which are invaluable resources that help people discover methods of localizing the material to their own situation.


      Please start collecting your ideas and sending them to the group. I will be organizing the information at this end and starting to create a framework for the electronic portal as information is received. If you have any further questions, or concerns do not hesitate to send me an email.

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