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Re: [justpeaceinasia] Fwd: International Campaign for the Immediate Release of WTO Political Prisoners

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  • Goldy George
    Dear Max, I will do something for sure. Thanks for the update. Warm regards Goldy max ediger wrote: friends: Here is an update on the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2006
      Dear Max,
      I will do something for sure. Thanks for the update.
      Warm regards

      max ediger <maxediger@...> wrote:
      friends:  Here is an update on the situation of those arrested during the WTO protests

      Note: forwarded message attached.

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      Subject: International Campaign for the Immediate Release of WTO Political Prisoners
      Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 15:01:01 +0800
      From: Trisha Niemeyer <trisha.niemeyer@...>

      Please forward this appeal for international solidarity actions among your networks as you see fit. Thanks.
      Dear Friends,

      Please join in on our "International Campaign for the Immediate Release of WTO Political Prisoners." In the body of this email you will find information about local actions and suggested international activities. Updated background information is available in the attachment to this email. A new sample letter, which reflects the most current information about the status of the 14 detainees and specifically calls on the Hong Kong goverenment to address human rights violations, is also included in the attachment.  Please continue your acts of solidarity and send us pictures and descriptions of your actions at
      hkpa.documentation@....  Information about local and international actions will be posted on the HKPA website over the coming week.

      Hunger Strike Launched by the WTO Political Prisoners
      12 of the 14 WTO Political Prisoners have decided to launch an indefinite hunger strike starting January 5 to not only highlight the injustice of their case, but more importantly highlight the reason for them coming to Hong Kong---to protest against the WTO. Their fight was not with the people of Hong Kong, but with the undemocratic institution of the WTO and the free trade policies implemented by the WTO without any real consultation with workers and farmers.

      Call for Action
      We are calling for the international community to express your outrage to the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong police by calling for the immediate release of the 14 WTO political prisoners. We are asking individuals and organizations to participate in a variety of activities that we are launching in conjunction with the Hunger Strike by the WTO Political Prisoners.


      1. International Support Letter Writing Campaign

        Write to Donald Tsang calling for the immediate release of the 14 WTO Political Prisoners. Please see the enclosed sample letter. Send copies of all letters to the International Committee for the Immediate Release of the WTO political prisoners at antiwto2005@... and hkpa.documentation@....
      2. Coordinate an International Day of Action

        We are calling for interested organizations and individuals to coordinate a protest rally in front of the Chinese Embassy on Monday, January 9, 2006 at 12:00 pm. In addition to the rally, we urge people to meet with embassy officials calling for the immediate release of the 14 WTO Political Prisoners.

        Please send all information of international day of actions to antiwto2005@... and hkpa.documentation@....

      3. Participate in an Internal Solidarity Mission to Hong Kong.

        We are coordinating an international delegation consisting of key leaders from trade unions, human rights groups, civil society organizations, peasant's groups, and other social movements to participate in a solidarity mission to Hong Kong. The program will start with a local rally coordinated by Hong Kong support groups on January 8, participating in the international day of action and press conference on January 9, visiting key members within the Hong Kong government and the prosecution on January 10 and ending with observing the pre-trial hearing scheduled for January 11.

        For more information about the International Solidarity Mission, please contact Elizabeth Tang of the HKCTU at 852-9091-9088 and Jin Sook Lee of the KCTU at 852-6733-8395

      4. Solidarity Hunger Strike

        We are calling for individuals and organizations to conduct a solidarity hunger strike for either one meal or one day anytime between January 5 to 11, 2006.
        Please send all information of solidarity hunger strike to antiwto2005@... and hkpa.documentation@....

      5. Financial Support

        We appeal for financial support towards the expenses that the detainees have incurred as a result of the detention. Donations can be sent to HKBS 001-393248-001 or by cheques payable to Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong. Please send cheques to Mr. Chan Chiu Wai at 7/F Wing Wong Building 557-559 Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong. Be sure to note on the cheque that the donation is "support for arrested WTO protestors".

      Goldy M. George
      Dalit Study Circle,
      Raipur, Chhattisgarh
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