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Egypt meeting

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  • max ediger
    Dear friends: From October 21 to 26 I was attending a workshop in Egypt. The theme of the workshop was Workshop on Inter-faith Cooperation for Justice in the
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      Dear friends:


      From October 21 to 26 I was attending a workshop in Egypt.  The theme of the workshop was "Workshop on Inter-faith Cooperation for Justice in the Occupied Territories."  I was invited to this workshop as CJPA and was asked to present a paper on "Pilgrimages toward Transformation."


      While some people may question if Palestine is a part of Asia, it seemed like a good opportunity to share some of our justpeace philosophy and also to learn more about the struggles of the Palestinian people for justice and peace.  I think we need to give them our support and also learn from them about their struggles and visions.


      The purpose of the workshop was to see how tourism can be a tool for encounters with grassroots people and for building movements for justpeace.  Participants came from many countries including Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Germany, Australia etc. 


      I am attaching a copy of the final letter the workshop produced as well as a copy of the paper I presented.  I think the CJPA should continue and build on contacts in this area.  We can learn much and we can also lend our support.


      On a similar note, CJPA will be sponsoring a young Palestinian man to attend a workshop in Hyderabad India the end of November.  The workshop is designed to begin a process of producing a curriculum and/or resource kit for teachers to help intnroduce the issues of justpeace and pluraslism into schools.  Ahmed works with schools in Bethlehem, helping small children deal with the trauma of occupation and to develop a culture of justpeace.  His contribution will be very important for this workshop I think. 


      If you have any ideas for making use of these valuable contacts in Palestine, please do share them.



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