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Invitation : Democracy, Human Rights and People -- Threats and Challenges

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  • Goldy George
    INVITATION Democracy, Human Rights and People – Threats and Challenges Date: 4 September 2005 Time: 3-6 pm Venue: Gass Memorial Centre, Jaistamb Chowk,
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      "Democracy, Human Rights and People – Threats and Challenges"

      Date: 4 September 2005

      Time: 3-6 pm

      Venue: Gass Memorial Centre, Jaistamb Chowk, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India


      Universally democracy had got immense significance in the present world, which is the fundamental aspect of any genuine process. While democracy signifies to a process of elections, representative government, etc., protection of rights of the ordinary masses is also an indispensable and unavoidable function of democracy.

      In a broader purview the very basics of human rights is closely knitted with the complete security of ordinary people. In this, people’s right over land, water, forests, education, health, trade, etc. are vital elements. While closely analysing the past two decades, it could be easily understood that all these rights are taken away from the people in a systematic and strategic way. Besides, all these resources and service sectors are handed over to the capitalistic institutions and structures. Under this background the questions pertaining to security of people becomes crucial, which the state had been intentionally bypassing and unwilling to acknowledge.

      In this context democracy and democratic forces are either restricted by enforcing policies and laws, or such organisations are subjected to brutal repression thereby rupturing the movement. Hence it is inevitable that we understand the threats and challenges to democracy and human rights in the present context and take necessary action. To discuss the various dimensions on these aspects, a meeting had been organised on the aforesaid date, time and venue on "Democracy, Human Rights and People – Threats and Challenges".

      We invite all progressive friends to this discussion.





      Goldy M. George Lalit Surjan

      Dalit Study Circle Mayaram Surjan Foundation



      For any further information and clarification contact on 0-98933-57911

      Goldy M. George
      Dalit Study Circle,
      Raipur, Chhattisgarh
      Creation of a casteless and peaceful society is indeed the first step towards just, egalitarian, and harmonious society. A society of equals, neither unequal nor more-equals, beyond the strings of caste, class, gender, race, etc. Otherwise it would lead to social oppression, political exploitation, economic deprivation, cultural domination, gender discrimination, class isolation, deliberate exclusion. Lets’ believe in a society beyond this.

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