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94Sri Lanka visit

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  • max ediger
    Apr 19, 2005
      Friends:  I was recently able to spend two weeks in the east of Sri Lanka visiting tsunami hit areas.  The visit was a part of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) that I help coordinate.  But while it was not directly a part of CJPA, I was able to also make some good contacts for our network.  There are some extremely interesting things happening along the east coast and I believe CJPA can learn a lot from them. 
      I am attaching the report I wrote to ICF on the trip.  I hope you find it interesting.  I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas you have on the report.

      Visit my web page at http://daga.dhs.org/max

      People tend to think of nonviolence as a choice between using force and doing nothing. But the real choice takes place at another level. Nonviolence is less a matter of "not killing" and more a matter of showing compassion, of saving and redeeming, of being a healing community. One can only choose between doing good to the person placed in one's path, or to do him evil. To do good is to love a person; but not to do that is as good as killing him. To love someone is to restore that person physically, socially, and spiritually. To neglect and postpone this restoration is already to kill. Andre Trocme

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