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83Re: [justpeaceinasia] anti-war movement

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  • Goldy George
    Mar 6, 2005
      Thanks you sir..

      max ediger <maxediger@...> wrote:
      Goldy:  Today I am sending, by post, the vouchers you requested.  I hope I got what you need.  Let me know when they arrive.  max

      Goldy George <dalitstudycircle@...> wrote:
      Dear Max,
      Sorry for this long delay in writing back to you. In fact after the Tsunami I was engaged in some of the urgent work to be done at the field level. Sorry for being away from active participation in many of the discussions for days. I was in fact damn busy with some of the field activities and at large trying to organise a few things during the past one and half months.
      I am really sorry for not writing back to you after you send me the first chapter of the book that we had been working on. I will send a few comments if you have no objections in a couple of days.
      How are things in Hongkong? Any developments with raising funds for the next justpeace meet? In fact I have no ideas to approach, if so, the funding agencies with such an agenda. However I am sure that it could be done on a minimum cost in India with an eco-friendly centre.
      Could you kindly do me a favour, i mean if possible? Please send me the photocopy of the travel reimbursements to Sri Lanka and Hongkong. You can scan and send it as attachment also.
      Looking forward to hear from you. Regards to all.
      With warm regards
      Warm Regards

      Visit my web page at http://daga.dhs.org/max

      People tend to think of nonviolence as a choice between using force and doing nothing. But the real choice takes place at another level. Nonviolence is less a matter of "not killing" and more a matter of showing compassion, of saving and redeeming, of being a healing community. One can only choose between doing good to the person placed in one's path, or to do him evil. To do good is to love a person; but not to do that is as good as killing him. To love someone is to restore that person physically, socially, and spiritually. To neglect and postpone this restoration is already to kill. Andre Trocme

      Celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Birthday!
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      Celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Birthday!
      Yahoo! Netrospective: 100 Moments of the Web

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