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823Plundered Histories, Forgotten Terrains & Entangled People

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  • Goldy George
    Nov 16 1:22 AM
    Dear friends:
    I am sending you a paper on mining and its impact on people, communities and state. This paper was first published in a journal viz. The India Economy Reivew, September 2010 edition. You could also access it atwww.iipmthinktank.com/publications/archive/ier/ier-sept-2010.pdf. Please go through it and get back with your responses to my email id. goldymgeorge10@...

    Creation of a casteless and peaceful society is indeed the first step towards just, egalitarian, and harmonious society. A society of equals, neither unequal nor more-equals, beyond the strings of caste, class, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. Otherwise it leads to social oppression, political exploitation, economic deprivation, cultural domination, gender discrimination, class isolation, deliberate exclusion. Lets’ believe in a society beyond this. 
    Goldy M. George
    Dalit Mukti Morcha

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