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778Re: [justpeaceinasia] Ramadan Greetings

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  • Rosabeth Koehn
    Aug 14, 2010
      opps, i did not mean to send that to everyone! sorry!

      On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 11:28 PM, Rosabeth Koehn <rosabethbk@...> wrote:

      Hi Max!

      How are you?? Nice to get a message in my inbox from you now and again:) I am doing quite well. Right now I am living at Renison College (a college that's a part of University of Waterloo, like Conrad Grebel) working as a don (residence assistant) for a 5-week ESL program. So I live with a bunch of students from around the world (mostly from Asia) who are studying English and help facilitate a good living experience for them here. We do residence activities and local field trips (tomorrow in Niagara Falls!) and generally just offer support and friendship to the students, who are experiencing a new culture. It's great fun! Reminds me of Viet Nam... but many things are easier since I am still in my home culture:) I find a really enjoy working cross-culturally--it's just more interesting!--and I think my SALT experience is a big part of that. I continue to feel so grateful for that year.

      How is your work going? How are the Just Peace friends? Actually, a month or two ago, I read an article on the MCC site about an MCC home renovation project for victims of Agent Orange. I figured you had something to do with that:) Looks like really great work! Also, I was just wondering recently, how's the Just Peace book?? Have you found a publisher? Do you know when it will be ready for distribution? Remember, I really would love to get several copies! I really hope that the book can be helpful to the other people it reaches too.

      If you're ever around Goshen or Waterloo or Newton (at Christmas time), remember to let me know! Or maybe sometime, I'll just show up in Ha Noi again! Take care,


      On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 11:29 PM, Max Ediger <ediger.max@...> wrote:
      [Attachment(s) from Max Ediger included below]

      My friend, Tirmizy sent the following Ramadan message to me.  I wish to pass it along to all of you as we enter this special month.
       Today, we start to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan:  a month for reflections, month of brotherhood and sisterhood, month of equality etc. Happy Ramadhan to you and your family. Ramadhan is not only for the Muslims but for whole humanity. I hope this Ramadhan will help the humanity in strengthening our love and friendship.
      My wishes to all of you for a very special Ramadan month, and may justpeace come to visit all of us and stay for ever.
      Visit my blog at http://calebandshalev.wordpress.com/

      "Dialogue demands more courage than waging war. It takes you to that uncomfortable space where you have to question your own assumptions and, rather than speak on other people's behalf, truly listen to what they have to say, take it into consideration, and present your own views in a way that addresses the misunderstandings that have arisen."  Haider Al-Mosawi

      You Westerners have been coming to the Holy Land for centuries to visit the shrines,
      the dead stones. But you do not see the living stones – the human beings who live
      and struggle before your eyes. I say ‘Wake up!’ What matters are the living stones!
      (Father Elias Chacour, cited in Bush, 1996)

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