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75Re: [justpeaceinasia] anti-war movement

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  • Goldy George
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Dear Max,
      Sorry for this long delay in writing back to you. In fact after the Tsunami I was engaged in some of the urgent work to be done at the field level. Sorry for being away from active participation in many of the discussions for days. I was in fact damn busy with some of the field activities and at large trying to organise a few things during the past one and half months.
      I am really sorry for not writing back to you after you send me the first chapter of the book that we had been working on. I will send a few comments if you have no objections in a couple of days.
      How are things in Hongkong? Any developments with raising funds for the next justpeace meet? In fact I have no ideas to approach, if so, the funding agencies with such an agenda. However I am sure that it could be done on a minimum cost in India with an eco-friendly centre.
      Could you kindly do me a favour, i mean if possible? Please send me the photocopy of the travel reimbursements to Sri Lanka and Hongkong. You can scan and send it as attachment also.
      Looking forward to hear from you. Regards to all.
      With warm regards
      Warm Regards
      max <maxediger@...> wrote:


      Bush Family War Profiteering


      Dear Friends:

      Every day the occupation of Iraq does damage to Iraq, the United
      States and the world. Anti-war activists recognize it is time to re-
      ignite efforts to end the war and bring the troops home. Democracy
      Rising, founded by Ralph Nader and a founding member of United for
      Peace and Justice, is proud to announce its' 'Stop the War' campaign
      designed to empower grass roots organizations as well as individual
      activists throughout the country to end the war as soon as possible.

      As you will see on our website, http://www.DemocracyRising.US , we
      provide tools you can use:

      Iraq War Facts: A compilation of key facts, statistics and reports
      on the Iraq War and occupation. Armed with these facts you will
      become a more effective advocate � not only will you have a strong
      rationale for opposing the war but now you will have the facts to
      back it up.

      E-Postcards to make it easy to spread the word - get people involved.
      The e-postcards can include a photo of U.S. war protests or of the
      horrors of the war as a way to encourage involvement in anti-war
      efforts. To send a picture as an E-Postcard, find the picture in the
      Multimedia Gallery and then click 

      Up-to-Date News from our news feed. You can get a daily news video
      from Iraq as well as connections to all the latest news on the war
      and occupation.

      Highlight Anti- War Activists: Democracy Rising will regularly
      profile peace activists, authors and elected officials. Our first
      interview is with Jimmy Massey and his wife Jackie. Jimmy is an Iraq
      War vet who has become an outspoken peace activist. Read his
      interview and you'll understand better why this war must end.

      Contact Decision Makers: Through our `Stop the War' Campaign we make
      it easy for you to contact your elected officials, an email, write or
      call to let them know it is time to stop the war and bring the troops

      Influence the Media: We'll be sending out action alerts that provide
      a coordinated campaign to influence the media and urge more complete
      coverage of the impact of the war and occupation. Coming soon will be
      a page with email address for letters to the editor for major media

      The anti-war movement had an impressive beginning, putting millions
      of people in the streets throughout the world. The arguments we put
      forward before the invasion have come true � the occupation has
      become a quagmire, made us less safe, costs hundreds of billions of
      dollars, weakened U.S. relationships around the world � it is a
      catastrophic failure and the longer it goes on the more damage it
      will do. Democracy Rising wants to help all of us create an even
      stronger anti-war movement that not only elected officials hear � but
      one they cannot ignore.

      We can end the war in Iraq if we act together with a concerted effort
      at stopping the war and bringing the troops home.


      Kevin Zeese

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