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  • Max Ediger
    Dec 25, 2009

      Dear friends:

      It is Christmas Day and I am at my brother’s house here in the countryside of Oklahoma.  Outside it is very cold – about -8c and the wind is blowing very strong.  It is very uncomfortable weather, but I am thankful we have a warm house to stay in.  I always think of those who are not so fortunate – the IDPs, refugees, those who are jobless and homeless and small children from poor families.  While I am comfortable here, I always need to remember that a great many people in our world still cannot experience peace or justice.  They continue to be exploited, abused and manipulated by the forces of power and arrogance.

      For Christians, Christmas is a time of happiness, but it is also a time to think again very seriously about our responsibility to bring an end to violence and exploitation, and to build communities of justpeace.  Unfortunately many Christians forget this important work because they become too involved in parties, gifts and food. 

      During this special Christian festival, I urge all of us, no matter what faith we belong to, to rekindle our vision for a world of justice and true peace.  I know that this may seem like the “impossible dream” to many, but without this vision and the determination to make it reality, our world will not become a better one. 

      In a few days we will enter the new year of 2010.  May we all work with renewed energy and commitment so that those who are exploited and abused might feel hope that the future can and will be better.

      I have been honored to work with all of you during the past year and look forward to more joint efforts in the coming year. Thank you for all of the things you have done to make the world better and for all the important things you have shared with me, taught me and done with me. 


      The day we stop killing off our own species, our world will become a book with no more torn pages.
      - Zoe Taylor, McClure Middle School, Seattle, WA
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