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66Kids Respond to the Tsunami

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  • max
    Jan 10 11:22 PM
      I found this on the internet and thought it very interesting. Young
      people have much more wisdom and compassion than many of our world

      The December 26 Tsunami
      Kids Respond
      By students at Catskill School, Elka Park, NY

      On their first day back to school after the Christmas break, 7th and
      8th grade students at Catskill Bruderhof (upstate New York) were
      given time to formulate thoughts on the December 26 tsunami. Here are
      selections from what they wrote:

      Kelda Harrison

      The tsunami was a bucket of cold water thrown on the apathy of the
      world. It was a call to all people to wake up and change their lives,
      to love, help, and care for every needy human being. Only the most
      crusty person could ignore this cry of challenge from God. To me, it
      is clear that God is trying to tell us something, but does it take
      such a colossal disaster to change our lives? And will it change our
      lives? …It is easy to despair, but hope rides in the waves. Pakistan,
      India's traditional nuclear enemy, is offering help. People of all
      nations are coming together to provide aid. Differences are forgotten
      in the face of all the need.

      Dexter Johnson

      We do not know why God made the tsunami happen. Maybe God was showing
      us that our guns and bombs are nothing compared to his power. Maybe
      God wanted this to be a "wake-up" call… I think God is trying to tell
      us to appreciate each other much more.

      Deborah Brinkmann

      I don't think it is possible to comfort parents who have lost
      children… To help, our country should send the army as well as many
      other people to help build up the towns and comfort all those who
      have lost loved ones. Those of us who will not be able to go should
      pray for all the sick, hungry, lonely, sad, cold, and homeless people
      down there… If I went there and stood on the beach there, I think I
      would be totally awed by the thought of how many angels were there
      and still are there. Maybe the people who were drowning and dying saw
      them… If I went there the people I would like to help would be the
      orphans. I would try to find loving parents who would take good care
      of these children. Through this, I think God is trying to tell us to
      wake up and love and respect each other a lot more.

      Melinda Thomson

      God let this immense tragedy happen. It is impossible to comprehend
      why, but he must have had a reason. Will we let ourselves be changed
      through it, or will we just continue our everyday life again,
      forgetting the people who still suffer, the people who lost children,
      parents, brothers, or sisters? I think the way I can help is by
      loving the people around me much more, because if I don't love them
      now, it will be too late when they are gone… If I went to the
      disaster site, I would realize how little I could do to help these
      people. I would probably despair because I could not help… I know
      that if we pulled our troops from the Middle East and sent them to
      the coasts of Indonesia, many lives could be saved.

      Roy Maendel

      What do you tell a child who has lost both parents? What is God
      saying through this to our country? Why don't we send the $40 million
      being spent for the inauguration? Why not pull out of Iraq? Pakistan,
      which is dirt poor in comparison to the USA, is providing far more
      relief and support [as a percentage of its GNP] than we are. If
      California gets hit one day, would we deserve help?

      Karisa Durgin

      Through this natural disaster, God was reminding us that he is much
      more powerful than humans. This earthquake was a much greater
      disaster than humankind could ever bring about. God was also saying
      that we must be ready to die any time, and that we must love and help
      each other all the time. Within seconds, thousands of men, women,
      children, tourists, natives, rich, and poor were called home to God.
      Maybe God took so many children to heaven so that they would not have
      to suffer any more wars, famines, deaths, and earthquakes. No matter
      what God wanted, we know that he is in charge of everything and he
      loves us… How can we help to find those still lost after the flood?
      How can we comfort weeping parents and children? How can the
      survivors be given food and shelter? Other parts of the world are
      helping the devastated countries. Enemies are giving food to each
      other. People from all over are sending in help. The U.S.A. has a lot
      more to give. Instead of killing people in Iraq, we could be saving
      people in India, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, or Thailand. We could pull all
      the soldiers out of the wars and send them to help in the flood-
      stricken countries.

      Tavis Kleinsasser

      This catastrophe should make us stop and think. Any day you may wake
      up and hear that your brothers, sisters, parents, children, friends,
      and relatives are gone. Maybe through this, God is giving our country
      a chance to win the "war on terrorism," not with bombs, hate, and
      killing, but by loving and helping. What those countries need is not
      just money, but love. What a chance to change this world, to pull our
      troops out of the Middle East and send them down to India, Sumatra,
      Sri Lanka, and all the countries hurt by this disaster, to drop guns
      and bombs and use love! If a tsunami struck the East Coast, would
      other countries help us? I think they would, even though most
      countries do not like us or what we do.