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65Dream of a Peaceable Community

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  • max
    Jan 10, 2005
      My dream of a peaceable community -Renemsongla Ozukum

      When love will overflow the minds of the people,
      Human knowledge will be anointed by the Holy wisdom.
      Leaders will be nominated who are not thirsty for power positions.
      Bitterness will have no space to utter from anybody's mouth.
      The Agonies, pangs and wailing's will turn into shouts of joys and
      tears of laughter.

      Hatred vocabulary will be erased from the dictionary of every tongue,
      of every tribe and of every nation.
      Uneven lifestyles of oppression, subjugation, alienation, and
      uprooting practices will be made beautiful by observing sorry day,
      sorry week, sorry month, sorry year, sorry decade, and sorry century.
      Fighting's for ethnocentric identity will turn into embracing
      of "otherness" with love and respect.
      Fighting's for occupying territory will turn into invitation for free
      distribution, and to erect houses of Prayer and worship.

      Destructive weapons will turn into bread, rice, noodles, potatoes,
      fish and meat to fill starving stomachs.
      Bloodshed that washes streets will turn into pure drinking water and
      wine to celebrate feasts.
      Massacred bodies lying on the curbs, in sewages, and street corners
      will turn into pillars of security.
      Street beggars, homeless, handicapped will be preachers, singers,
      prayer groups, actors, and actresses for the community.
      Foreign nametags, numeral identities for humanity, animals, natures,
      will retain their true selfhood in the image of God.
      The sun, moon, stars, wind, rain, trees, and the crowing of the
      cocks, chirping of the birds will decide the time to continue the
      unbroken circle of life.
      The sweet aroma of flower buds, trees, leaves will soothe the tired
      Gushing of waters from the springs, rivers and waterfalls will heal
      the ailing bodies.

      Prophets will be acknowledged whom the community called insane and
      Then Children will smile with their twinkling eyes.
      Women's voices will heal the sick mind and the blind spirit that
      creates violence and war.
      Humanity will suck the living milk to heal the wounded creation and
      the cosmic crises.