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526Situation in Philippines

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  • Max Ediger
    Aug 10, 2008
      Dear friends:  This morning I received the following communications from our friends in Mindanao Philippines.  The situation there is very tense and some of our colleagues are in the areas where fighting is happening.  I have asked them how we can help and they will send some ideas later.  Right now there is too much concern about how the situation is going to develop.  As you might remember, there was to be a peace agreement between the Government of Philippines and the MILF early this month.  The signing was to take place in Malaysia and our friend Halima had been invited to observe the ceremony.  At the last monent, the Philippine Supreme Court stopped the signing process.  Following this, the violence broke out again.  Please keep this situation in your prayers and send encouragement as much as you can.

      Good morning, Assalamo alaykum Max, it's very unfortunate that our community is experiencing another violence, as a result of the aborted MOA signing in Malaysia due to the TRO issued by the Supreme Court of the Phil.  Fighting between the government armed forces and MILF army started last week.  Both parties suffered heavy casualties but the civilians are the most affected.  A large number of families are now in evacuation centers.


      As of now, we the peace advocates are planning to intervene in the oral arguments in the Supreme Court.  Aside from that, we are planning to conduct an interfaith dialogue to counter the divisive pronouncement of some political leaders saying that Muslims will occupy the lands of the Christians should the MOA with the MILF is signed.  This is entirely false.  But our problem is most of the people are now busy because of the elections in the ARMM so it's difficult to organize activities.  Most of the fighting in the remote areas is not reported by the media because they focus on election monitoring.


      As of now, the Davao - Cotabato National road is not passable to commuters because war planes bombed the rebel positions in the communities abandoned by the civilians.  Mortar shellings are still continuing until now (7 am Monday).

      "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
      Jimi Hendrix
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