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  • Jerome
    Oct 12, 2004
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      Dear Friends!

      Greetings from Colombo!

      Hope you all are doing well and pretty much busy with your works for
      your people. I feel glade to write to you all my friends at this
      moment. As the members of CJPA and as we decided to commit ourselves
      for the future of the CJPA we should work on the decisions that was
      taken at the Sri Lanka meeting.

      Therefore as our first activity the publication on `Our Stories'
      should be published as soon as possible. I hope Max has collected
      some stories and it would be grateful if each and every one of us
      can also contribute even one story from our own community which is
      suffering from various issues.

      So please try to send even one story or any other statements which
      are related to this in order to keep the CJPA alive.

      Thank you and take care,
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