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43Re: [justpeaceinasia] collecting grassroot stories of marginalised

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  • max ediger
    Sep 14, 2004
      I just got back from Hyderabad and Bangalor.  It was a good meeting, but perhaps too many people for really good intense discussions.
      I agree that we should try to get some stories published by December.  Today i received one from Cambodia.  I haven't read it yet so don't have any comments on it.  I'll try to get a collection of stories from various CJPA meetings together and send them to you.  Together we can work on editing and sorting them so they flow together nicely.  I think we will also need to do some reflective writing on the stories to identify what they are teaching us.
      I'll be in touch again soon.....max

      Goldy George <dalitstudycircle@...> wrote:
      Dear friends,
      As you all must remember the fact that we all had made certain commitments during the Kandy meetin that we are supposed to collect the stroies from the grassroots. I remember that I have my committment to edit the stuff whatever you send me. I am not sure if we had really gone into those line in a serious manner. Our feature agency will certainly be one aspect that we could push forward. I propose that we need to work it with a deadline that we could have the first issue/release by 5th December 2004 eyeing the International Human Rights Day on 10th December.
      Hope that you all will consider my proposal to be best of your sense and heart.
      With warm regards

      borey nget <boreynget@...> wrote:
      hi  jerrom how are you? how is your work? i think you are so busy with it  right?
      workshop in SRI LANGKA was the most event that i have never fogetten in my life. it gave me alot of experiences and i have known new friends from many countries. However i have made a big mistake in my country report and i am afraid of this mistake can have problems in your report too.my mistake was that 67.3% of cambodians are illiteracy. so i would like to correct it into 67.3% of cambodians are literacy. you see the black book that i gave to max.thak you

      Jerome <jerome_cham@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends,

      Greetings from Hong Kong!

      Hope you all are doing well and busy with your works. As one of my
      suggestions, I would like to add our contact details which we
      prepared in Sri Lanka, on our group page. For now, these details
      would be shared among the members of the Centre of Justpeace in
      Asia, but in future it would be shared for other outsiders too.
      Therefore please give me your suggestions on this regard and anyone
      who would agree to add thier contact details and if they have any
      changes please send it to me the corrected details.

      Thank you for your quickest reply,


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