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379Blocking the road to Apartheid

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  • CHAN Beng Seng
    Oct 31, 2007
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      Blocking the road to Apartheid: Palestinian nonviolent protestors are blocking highway 443

      An anti-apartheid protest blocked busy Highway 443, one of many highways that run on occupied Palestinian land but are reserved for Israelis only. The protesters blocked the highway for over fifteen minutes by organising a mass sit down in the road backed by six protestors chained into a four metre pipe. Israeli Security forces used force to move the demonstrators. 

      The masses of Israelis who regularly travel to Jerusalem via the settlement of Modi’in were surprised this morning to find the highway blocked by non-violent protesters. Rush hour traffic was backed up for miles before the protestors were removed by force. They were distributing a message to the drivers on the highway: “We know what it feels like to be blocked. We experience it daily.”

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