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325Re: [justpeaceinasia] Good News From Nepal

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  • Yam Bahadur Kisan
    Jun 28, 2007
      Dear Goldy
      Thanks for mail. Now, in Nepal, raising the discourse about the affirmative action and reservation and I have been writing article/book on this issue. So, please, if you have some electronic matters on Indian experience of reservation send me. We the Nepali Dalit, first time going to stepping this new things. So I need your help. Because in Nepal always of Non-Dalit and some Dalit even have negative perspective about indian experience of reservation.
      You can recommend me some other references and resources like wesite also.
      Be well !

      Goldy George <goldymgeorge@...> wrote:
      Dear Yam:
      It is a great news and congratulations for the big acheivement after a long standing struggles for Dalit rights to reservation. The current 13 percent seats for Dalits, 37 percent seats for ethnic groups and 50 percent seats for women in constituent assembly needs to be properly utilized in order to attain the possible social and political ends leading to the larger question of Dalits Ethnics and Women.
      All the best wishes from the Dalit communities and movements in India.
      With Revolutionary Jai Bhim!

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