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296Re: [justpeaceinasia] Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007

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  • Ekkarin Tuansiri
    Dec 27, 2006
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      Bangkok post 26 Dec 2006


      150 held for treason say charge baseless


      About 150 people being held on treason charges in the three southernmost
      provinces have called on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to seek
      their release, saying the police accusations are groundless.

      Surasee Kosolnawin, chairman of the NHRC's rights protection sub-committee,
      said about 150 treason suspects from the deep South had sought assistance
      after being imprisoned for two years without proper charges being laid.

      The suspects are just some of the thousands of people in the restive region
      who were arrested on suspicion of treason in 2004 when Thaksin Shinawatra
      was still prime minister.

      Seventy of the 150 are from Yala province and the rest from Pattani and
      Narathiwat. Police had accused them of involvement in acts of treason, but
      failed to present evidence to back the allegations, Mr Surasee said.

      Local people in the South no longer trust the authorities and believe they
      cannot get justice, he said. This was a major factor in the lack of progress
      by state agencies in solving the region's problems.

      Locals were distancing themselves from these agencies because they feel they
      are not really there to help them.

      Only a small number of locals have made use of provincial justice centres
      where officials of the NHRC and the Lawyers Council of Thailand are based.

      He suggested state agencies become less bureaucratic and introduce
      networking in dealing with the locals. "The first urgent thing to do is to
      allow those arrested during the Thaksin administration to be released on
      bail," he said.

      The NHRC will also campaign against police black-listing people and putting
      a bounty on some suspects.

      Mr Surasee said he found several innocent people had been arrested. Despite
      no hard evidence against them, some had been sent to prisons in Bangkok
      rather than their being detained at their provincial prisons, he said.

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      >Bangkok Post 21 Dec 2006
      >A chance to see justice in South
      >An air of expectancy regarding progress in ending the southern violence
      >arose when the country's first Muslim army chief, Gen Sonthi
      >led the coup against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra in September.
      >Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont quickly set to work, seizing the
      >opportunity to try and forge some form of reconciliation in the embattled
      >Malay-Muslim majority provinces of the deep South. He spoke of justice,
      >reconciliation and dialogue.
      >But despite the optimism, any attempt to achieve peace in the troubled
      >region is going to be difficult. Gen Surayud visited the South shortly
      >becoming prime minister, announcing that he wanted to reverse the
      >heavy-handed counter-insurgency tactics of Mr Thaksin, and to return
      >to an increasingly marginalised Malay-Muslim population.
      >But Gen Surayud has since said that ensuring justice for the families of
      >hundreds of victims of alleged extra-judicial killings, kidnappings and
      >torture, is not going to be as easy.
      >An opportunity has recently arisen, though, for the state to now prove its
      >intent and capability in ensuring justice across the board, not just as
      >of political points-scoring against the ousted Thaksin administration.
      >On Nov 28, the Pattani Provincial Court concluded a two-year-long
      >post-mortem inquiry into the deaths of 32 militants in and around the
      >ancient Krue Se mosque in Pattani's Muang district in April 2004, and named
      >three military officials as responsible for many of the deaths, including
      >Gen Pallop Pinmanee.
      >The Examination of the Post Mortem Inquest sought to clarify the name,
      >and cause of death of each individual.
      >The judge held that out of the 32 killed in and around the mosque, four
      >killed in fighting with police at a nearby checkpoint. The remaining 28 had
      >fled into Krue Se Mosque and hidden there before the military subsequently
      >stormed the mosque, killing all 28 men inside.
      >The court concluded that 28 of the 32 victims were killed by security
      >under the orders of three men: Gen Pallop, Col Manas Kongpan and Lt-Col
      >Tanaphat Nakchaiya.
      >The inquest, however, is a judicial procedure that precedes a full trial
      >does not hold any person or persons liable for the deaths. But the ruling
      >does open the way for the beginning of criminal proceedings against the
      >three for their alleged disproportionate use of force in the standoff.
      >The court's ruling offers Gen Surayud's government a golden opportunity to
      >begin to address the wider problem of impunity for government forces in the
      >South. It would also help return confidence in the state and the judicial
      >system among the Muslim community.
      >Gen Surayud has vocally agreed that justice needs to be made a priority in
      >the South. Now he has a chance to put those words into action.
      >Whether or not the Attorney-General sets the criminal investigation in
      >motion will be a key test of the interim government's promise to bring back
      >the rule of law.
      >An independent inquiry into the Krue Se incident, carried out by the
      >National Reconciliation Commission, found that the violence was started by
      >the insurgents, but that security officials acting under the orders of Gen
      >Pallop had used excessive force and heavy weapons disproportionate to the
      >threat posed by the assailants.
      >The inquiry also stated that Gen Pallop ignored a directive from Deputy
      >Prime Minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh to resolve the situation by
      >the mosque and entering into negotiations.
      >A full criminal investigation leading to the trial of state officers
      >responsible, not just for the Krue Se incident but also responsible for the
      >deaths of civilians in numerous other cases in the South, must be carried
      >out if reconciliation is to be achieved
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      > >Hi Everybody,
      > >
      > >Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. May the good
      > >bless you and guide you now and forever.
      > >
      > >Jerome
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      > >
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