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279Justpeace Education for Children and Youth

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  • Max Ediger
    Dec 6, 2006
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      We've been working on the development of the Justpeace Education
      Resource Kit. Although we don't have many resources we have decided to
      make those that we do have available. The Justpeace Education
      Resource Kit is divided into 16 categories. Some of the categories
      have yet to receive any submissions. The Resource Kit is still very
      much in the development stage. We hope that by making it available
      it will create more interest and that more people will contribute
      resources. The Resource Kit can be accessed online at
      http://www.daga. dhs.org/justpeac e/childrennyouth education/ index.htm
      We are still working on issues of design as well as content. It is
      crucial that we receive more contributions. Please send us anything
      that you view as appropriate (even if it does not fall into any of the
      designated categories). If you have any feedback or criticism, please
      share it with us by using the following email address
      justpeaceasia@ gmail.com.

      Thank you,

      Visit the following websites:

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