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277Comprehensive Peace Accord Reached between CPN (Maoists) and Nepal Government

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  • Yam Bahadur Kisan
    Nov 23, 2006
      KATHMANDU, Nov 22. The much awaited comprehensive peace agreement has been reached yesterday between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist) with commitment to transform ceasefire between Government of Nepal and CPN (Maoist) into sustainable peace.
      Under the article of the landmark accord- “3. Political - Economic - Social Transformation and Conflict Management” the statement describes that both the parties are in agreement to adopt some 13 points of policy and program for political-economic and social transformation and to affirmatively resolve existing conflict in the country.
      The following point (3.5) relates to address the problems related to Dalits:
      “3.5. To address the problems related to women, Dalit, indigenous people, Janajatis, Madheshi, oppressed, neglected, minorities and the backward by ending discrimination based on class, caste, language, sex, culture, religion, and region and to restructure the state on the basis of inclusiveness, democracy and progression by ending present centralised and unitary structure of the state.”
      Yam Kisan

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