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256Re: [justpeaceinasia] URGENT: Northeast Asian civil society statement on North Korean nuclear testing

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  • 이재영
    Oct 17 5:31 AM
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      Dear Bobby
      Good to hear from you.
      Thank you for your support in solidarity for peace in Asia.
      I hope the situation does get worse here and your homeland.
      For peace of all....
      샬롬 (Shalom)
      이재영 (Jae Young Lee)
      평화부 담당 간사 (Peace Program Director)
      한국 아나뱁티스트 센터 (02-554-9615)
      Korea Anabaptist Center (www.kac.or.kr)
      부원장 (Vice-President)
      커넥서스 어학원 (02-501-3224)
      Connexus Language Institute (www.connexus.co.kr)
      "Let's Dream Impossible Dreams!"
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 4:25 PM
      Subject: Re: [justpeaceinasia] URGENT: Northeast Asian civil society statement on North Korean nuclear testing

      Dear Jay,
      We are very much worried on what was happen to your neighboors,  We are praying for our ;leaders in the world for a peaceful resolution of this conflcit...

      이재영 <kojay99@hotmail. com> wrote:
      Dear Friends
      Peaceful greetings from Seoul, Korea.
      I just got back from my US visit at EMU, MCC, and Washington DC.
      As I arrived in Korea, the North Korea nuclear testing on Oct.9 has become a heated issue and a challenge for people who seek for peace in the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia. It is sad that the Korean peninsula is no longer a nuclear free area. 
      As I may introduced before, KAC is a member of worldwide civil society organizational peace network called, Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) Northeast Asia. 
      We recently released our joint statment  on the North Korea's nuclear testing issue to apeal to UN and stakeholding governments. I'd like to share this statement with you.
      I am asking you to pray for wisdom to bring a peaceful solution on this complicated issue which deadly affects the future of Koreans.  Thank you you for taking your time to read it.
      샬롬 (Shalom)
      이재영 (Jae Young Lee)
      평화부 담당 간사 (Peace Program Director)
      한국 아나뱁티스트 센터 (02-554-9615)
      Korea Anabaptist Center (www.kac.or.kr)
      부원장 (Vice-President)
      커넥서스 어학원 (02-501-3224)
      Connexus Language Institute (www.connexus. co.kr)
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _
      "Let's Dream Impossible Dreams!"
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

      Global Partnership for Prevention of Aarmed Conflict(GPPAC) Northeast Asia Statement

      Condemning the DPRK’s Nuclear Testing,
      Northeast Asian Citizens Call for Immediate Talks for Peace

      We, citizens of Northeast Asia, are gravely concerned at the Democratic
      People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s announcement that it conducted a
      nuclear test on October 9, 2006. We strongly condemn the test. At the
      same time it is clear that hostile policies and the “axis of evil”
      rhetoric of the United States were counterproductive and only
      exacerbated tension. We need to strengthen our cooperative efforts in
      the region to prevent armed confrontation and chain reactions of
      nuclearization and militarization in Northeast Asia. We support the
      efforts of those governments and civil society members who are trying to
      find a solution based on dialog and negotiation. We commit ourselves to
      unite and work to establish a nuclear-weapon- free zone and a lasting
      peace mechanism in Northeast Asia, through dismantling the remaining
      Cold War structure, which has constituted a root cause of the present

      We are united in calling for the following:

      1. We call on the DPRK not to conduct any further nuclear tests, to take
      prompt action towards the complete abandonment of nuclear weapons
      programs, and to return to the Six-Party Talks and any other
      multilateral and bilateral talks for denuclearization.

      2. We call on all the related governments, including in particular the
      US, Republic of Korea (ROK), Japan, China, and Russia to reconvene
      immediately the Six-Party Talks or any other dialog format to resolve
      this crisis peacefully. In particular, we urge the US to respond to the
      DPRK's call for bilateral talks between the two nations. The talks
      should be based on the comprehensive framework provided by the Six-Party
      Joint Statement of September 2005, in which the DPRK committed to
      abandon its nuclear weapons programs, and the US, Japan and others
      committed to guarantee the DPRK's security and work towards the
      normalization of diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.
      Governments must refrain from any military or other reckless reactions
      that could worsen the situation.

      3. We urge the members of the United Nations Security Council not to
      allow any kind of military action or other counter-productive measures
      that might lead to a humanitarian crisis or escalate tensions on the
      Korean Peninsula. Economic sanctions so far have not brought about a
      positive change in the nuclear crisis in the DPRK and have only had
      negative consequences for the humanitarian situation. Therefore, we
      strongly urge the UN to be mindful of the ineffectiveness of such
      measures to date, before imposing economic and other types of sanctions
      on the DPRK. The UN Secretary-General and the UN officials in political
      and disarmament affairs are encouraged to promote talks among the
      concerned parties.

      4. We urge the mass media and other civil society sectors to refrain
      from any behavior that promotes hostile sentiments or violence among
      citizens in the region. Instead, we urge focus on perspectives such as
      civil efforts for peaceful settlement, the humanitarian situation in the
      DPRK, and the negative consequences of any further nuclearization or
      militarization of Northeast Asia.

      October 13, 2006

      Signed by:
      AU Pak Kuen (Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, Hong Kong)
      Jau-hwa CHEN (Soochow University, Taipei)
      Marx CHEN (Alliance for Peace Homeland, Taipei)
      ENKHSAIKHAN Jargalsaikhan (Blue Banner, Ulaanbaatar)
      Vadim GAPONENKO (Center For International Studies, Maritime State University, Vladivostok)
      JUNG Gyung Lan (Women Making Peace, Seoul)
      KAWASAKI Akira (Peace Boat, Tokyo)
      Viktor KONONOV (Charitable non-profit organization 'Club 'Raft', Vladivostok)
      Viktor KORSKOV (International Public Institute for Culture of Peace, Vladivostok)
      LEE Jae Young (Korea Anabaptist Center, Seoul)
      Kathy MATSUI (Seisen University, Tokyo)
      MUSHAKOJI Kinhide (International Movement Against Alll Forms of Discrimination and Racism, Tokyo)
      NIU Qiang (People's Association for Peace and Disarmament, Beijing)
      SASAMOTO Jun (Japanese Lawyers International Solidarity Association, Tokyo)
      Lauren SAUER (Korean Anabaptist Center, Seoul)
      SHEN Dingli (Center for American Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai)
      Olga YACUCENKO (Russian Peace Fund, Primorskiy Regional Branch, Vladivostok)
      Philip YANG (National Taiwan University, Taipei)
      YOSHIOKA Tatsuya (GPPAC Northeast Asia Regional Initiator, Tokyo)

      *The above is the initial list as of October 13, 2006.
      *Affiliation in bracket is for identification purpose only.
      *This statement was drafted and facilitated in the Northeast Asian network of Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC-NEA).
      Further information: KAWASAKI Akira (Peace Boat/GPPAC-NEA Secretariat)
      Tel +81-3-3363-8047 Fax +81-3-3363-7562 kawasaki@peaceboat. gr.jp

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