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238Situation in Sri Lanka

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  • Max Ediger
    Aug 30, 2006
      Friends:  There isn't much news in the media now about Sri Lanka.  Yet the situation continues to get worse.  Today I received the email below from Jerome.  We need to keep aware of the situation there and also continue to find ways to support efforts for peace....max
      Hi Max, we all are in a fear that another war could erupt. But in the north and east they already began fighting and blaming eachother that one party is retaliating the other's attacks on them and vise versa. People in the affected areas are staving since almost all the transport chanells are closed. Airports are bombed. But recenlty the ICRC facilitated a ship with essential food items to north. But in some areas people are really suffering. In Colombo security is tighterned and the people are live in fear. But of course peace groups religious leaders and the other ngo's are working to preasurize the parties which are involved in the conflict, in the midst of opposition for all their effords by the extremists. Its very sad to see that even the international community is not that much supportive to the peace effords. They all wants to safe guard them....Jerome

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