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232Re: [justpeaceinasia] CJPA in 2006

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  • JahanAra
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Dear Max
      I think the things are really working  great. Having members from the Palestine, two from Southern Thailand, one from Nepal and one from Aceh Indonesia is a good team to discuss different issues.
      I feel that in any of the country that when we hold CJPA workshop we will get more participants from the local /grass root members to attend the workshop. This is the opportunity given for each of us to learn and share our work.
      At the same time we cannot invite all the participants from each of the workshop to attend the next workshop in another place. We also had plans that we change the team for the different progs.
      I think we also need to discuss waht should  be the schedule / plan for this workshop.
      Iam sure Goldy  might have already made plans for it.
      Best wishes
      jahan ara 
      max <maxediger@...> wrote:
      Friends of CJPA:

      I wrote to you earlier explaining our plans to hold the CJPA workshop
      this year in India. The workshop will take place in September and
      Goldy George is helping make all local arrangements.

      As agreed on in our Sri Lanka workshop, we have set up a six-member
      committee that will help with the preparations and planning for the
      coming year and will participate in this workshop. We are also
      inviting some new friends from areas of importance in the work of
      regional justpeace. We are hoping that one participant from
      Palestine can join us along with two from Southern Thailand, one from
      Nepal and one from Aceh Indonesia. For those of you who will not be
      attending this workshop, we will keep you informed and always welcome
      your reflections.

      Remember to send any comments you have on the draft version of the
      CJPA Ideology. We need these before the workshop starts so that
      those participating in the workshop can discuss all ideas and improve
      the ideology paper.

      I'm sorry that we can not bring together all of the friends who
      participated in the Sri Lanka workshop but budget does not allow for
      that at this time. I do hope to have opportunity to meet with you at
      another time.


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