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213Re: [justpeaceinasia] We need to act

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  • Goldy George
    May 1, 2006
      Dear all:
      Can we come with an online petition to the government of Burma against this onslaught?
      Max: I don't know how to do it. Is it possible? I could sent it to many people on my list and they would sign it.
      Warm regards

      Ehna <ehnadoh@...> wrote:
      Dear Max

      I send this information to Karen friends and also give
      copy to other friends who could suggest and

      I don't know either. I think we should discuss to act.
      I will go inside Burma in the end of this month. It
      will probably take over a month.

      Hope you are doing well.

      --- max ediger <maxediger@...> wrote:

      > Saw Ehna:  This is very disturbing information and
      > indicates that nothing is improving in Burma.  How
      > do you suggest we act?  I agree that we must do
      > something.
      >   max
      > Ehna <ehnadoh@...> wrote:
      >   Dear Friends,
      > Regarding the Burmese offensive against Karen
      > population in Taw Oo and Kler Lwe Htoo, forcing
      > thousand of Karen from their home and take over the
      > areas. The devastating continuce.
      > There is no outcry for the Karen communtiy and
      > international either. I think we should come
      > together
      > and act now, to campaign to stop this....
      > There is not just sit and sypathize on the people,
      > and
      > only raising fund.
      > We need to cometoether and act.
      > Ehna
      > Burmese Army’s Karen Attacks “Worst Since 1997”
      > By Clive Parker
      > April 25, 2006
      > Burmese Army offensives against rebels and civilians
      > in Karen State are the largest for nearly ten years,
      > creating more than 11,000 newly displaced people,
      > Karen rebels and medical relief teams say.
      > They say attacks have slowly escalated in the past
      > two
      > months, a period when the Burmese Army traditionally
      > launches offensives against insurgents ahead of the
      > wet season from May until October. However, the
      > Karen
      > National Liberation Army and Free Burma Rangers say
      > the current offensive is on a scale not seen since
      > the
      > Burmese Army seized great swathes of Karen state in
      > attacks that prompted thousands of people to flee to
      > Thailand in 1997.
      > “The situation in western and northern Karen State
      > is
      > now worse than at any time since,” the FBR told The
      > Irrawaddy.
      > A Karen National Union official in Mon Township
      > warned
      > that “the coming rains may not stop these attacks.”
      > The KNLA has received intelligence that the army has
      > continued to send supplies of food and troops to
      > army
      > camps in the area, suggesting the junta may be
      > planning a longer term campaign.
      > The attacks have already caused widespread
      > devastation, according to witnesses. Reports say the
      > Burmese Army is deliberately destroying anything it
      > believes will help sustain the Karen resistance.
      > Whole
      > villages have been burned down, including food
      > supplies and cooking equipment—a common tactic by
      > the
      > military, the Karen said.
      > Burmese soldiers based at Play Htsa Lo army camp in
      > Mon Township told a local headman that people in the
      > villages of Yu Loe and K’mu Loh would be killed if
      > any
      > were seen in the area after April 20.
      > There are also reports that a new force of more than
      > 850 Burmese troops from an army camp in Muthey, Mon
      > Township began moving south in three columns on
      > Sunday
      > in what appeared to be a new part of the offensive.
      > Three battalions of Military Operations Command 16
      > moved into the southern part of Toungoo Township
      > further north last week, shelling villages and
      > chasing
      > away people, creating 500 new internally displaced
      > people.
      > FBR has documented the torture and killing of a
      > number
      > of Karen in recent weeks. One nine year-old girl, Eh
      > Yawh Paw, was shot in Mon Township on April 9 and
      > survived the attack, only to discover that her
      > father,
      > Maw Keh, and 80-year-old grandmother had been
      > killed.
      > Their bodies were found near Ka Ba Hta on April 19
      > and
      > were believed to have been killed by Burmese troops
      > who swept the area, firing at civilians and
      > destroying
      > rice supplies on March 27. In Mon Township 13
      > villagers have been killed and three wounded by the
      > Burmese Army since recent attacks began.
      > Meanwhile, further reports have documented
      > incidences
      > of decapitation, the extensive laying of landmines
      > in
      > and around villages and the firing of mortar rounds
      > at
      > civilians in Toungoo Township.
      > The current offensive has been concentrated in a
      > north
      > to south corridor running about 75 miles from
      > Toungoo
      > down to Shwegyin in Karen State where the Burmese
      > Army
      > has established new camps and a more permanent
      > presence.
      > Although the fighting is taking place less than 60
      > miles south of Pyinmana in some cases, the KNU
      > believes the new capital has had little to do with
      > the
      > upsurge in attacks, although the bigger troop
      > presence
      > in the area has made skirmishes more likely.
      > The Army instead appears to be cutting off the Karen
      > on the westerly plains from the hills further east
      > in
      > a bid to strangle the Karen insurgency movement, FBR
      > and KNU say. The area is now said to be littered
      > with
      > landmines.
      > The result has been the displacement of more than
      > 11,000 people. More than 1,000 have fled east in the
      > direction of the Salween River on the Burmese side
      > of
      > the border with Thailand, the FBR said on April 25.
      > About 400 of these have crossed the frontier and
      > entered Thai refugee camps, the Committee for
      > Internally Displaced Karen People said.
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      Goldy M. George
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