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204JustPeace Education

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  • Trisha Niemeyer
    Mar 21, 2006
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      I hope you are all well and actively seeking ways of integrating justpeace into your daily lives. As I was doing some research online for one of my current DAGA projects, I came across the following website which I found quite relevant to our goal of collecting resources for JustPeace Education.
      There are many links to recipes, crafts, songs, etc. from different cultures. I hope these act as inspiration to collect some of your own stories and songs from YOUR culture and send our way to grow our collection of JustPeace Educational material available.
      The main idea that this site is promoting is an International Peace Tree Day on June 1, 2006. The idea behind this day is to collectively celebrate and teach others about our different traditions. As a Canadian, and a participant in our Justpeace workshop in India, I was excited to learn that this event is happening in Toronto, Canada and in India. But even more so, as I read about this initative I was excited about the prospect of it growing internationally. Take a look at the information in the website and perhaps consider promoting/celebrating "Peace Tree Day" in your own organizations and countries.
      Please continue to send any information you have for the the JustPeace Education Resource Kit.