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  • Goldy George
    Jul 27, 2005
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      Dear Phearith,
      Black theology is the theological understanding that emerged through the struggles of the Black people across the world for their dignity. This means that the struggle is directly or indirectly related with the struggles against racism, apartheid and xenophobia.
      This has a longish history of struggle where people say that God (Jesus) is not a white but black, who stands with them in their struggle for fuller humanity.
      Warm regards and justpeace

      nhek sophearith <nhek_sophearith@...> wrote:
      Dear Goldy
      Greeting from Cambodia , Thanks for your help me but i just wonder What is mean Black Theology? quite not sure that word  .
      Take care
      Warm regards ,Phearith

      Goldy George <dalitstudycircle@...> wrote:
      All are fine Nhek

      nhek sophearith <nhek_sophearith@...> wrote:
      Dear Goldy
      Thanks for your help , made me clear about Ecumenical so i understood now .What about your family ? i hope they are fine and doing well .
      Take care
      Warm regards ,Phearith

      Hi Nhek,
      Ecumenical is a christian word which orignates from ecumenism. Ecumenism originally meant for unionisation. Means unionisation or coming together of the Christian world. It is also seen in the context of radical Christian understanding of the bible and the emergence of Liberation theology along with Black theology. Subsequently it gave birth to sub-altern theological understanding in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

      These days some Christian organisation had gone out of their conventional way and started naming themselves under this banner viz. 'ecumenical'. This is the context in which the entire relevance of such organisation lies to the extent which it related with the contemporary realities of the society.
      In recent times it is understood as a more secular word, hence ecumenism is meant as a call to go beyond the borders of church and join hands with the suffering masses. Ecumenical is the process of ecumenism.
      I hope that this would more complicate you with further questions!!!

      nhek sophearith <nhek_sophearith@...> wrote:
      Hello Goldy

      I have same question could you help me some . they has
      workship talk about social
      issue and i didn't know  more about this word "
      Ecumenical "

      can you explain to me plesae i hope you are understood
      more than me ,

      I hope you are improve too much with your business and
      happiness with your family

      Please  send my regards to your family and all of your

      take care

      Warm regards ,Phearith

      Goldy M. George
      Dalit Study Circle,
      Raipur, Chhattisgarh
      Creation of a casteless and peaceful society is indeed the first step towards just, egalitarian, and harmonious society. A society of equals, neither unequal nor more-equals, beyond the strings of caste, class, gender, race, etc. Otherwise it would lead to social oppression, political exploitation, economic deprivation, cultural domination, gender discrimination, class isolation, deliberate exclusion. LetsÂ’ believe in a society beyond this.

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