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122RE: [justpeaceinasia] Interesting Article: A Place Where Women Rule

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  • Sharon Schroeder
    Jul 25, 2005
      Hi Goldy,
      Rebecca Lolosoli is an Indigenous women’s human rights activist, and founder of the Kenyan Umoja Uaso Women’s Group, a member of the Indigenous Information Network.
      Her photo on the Truthout website:
      I'm not sure if this is the website for the Women's Group, but it could be (but it's pretty sparse):
      Rebecca Lolosoli, one of the village leaders, is on the financial committee for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:
      (This might be the easiest way to contact her, indirectly through this organization):
      Lewa Nairobi office
      Contact Person: Liz Gitau
      Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
      P. O. Box 10607
      00100 Nairobi
      Tel : (+254-20) 607893
      Fax : (+254-20) 607197
      Email : lewa@...
      She will be part of the African Indigenous Women: Fall 2005 Speaking Tour:
      This bio mentions that her group is bringing a case against the British military for raping over 1400 Samburu women during the 1980’s and 90’s.
      There have been many websites linking to this same Washington Post article (very popular!), but looking for other information, I find:
      Girl power (Gary Monro's blog)
      Not sure who Gary Monro is, but I haven't found an original source.
      All-Female African Village Still Thriving After 10 Years,
      Feminist Majority Foundation's National Center for Women and Policing:
      About IIN:
      Indigenous Information Network (IIN) is based in Kenya, a small, two person NGO started five years ago with minimal support, and they manage to do a whole lot of information dissemination, and have several workshops and other programs.
      Brief description of IIN:
      More info about programs:
      Indigenous Information Network (IIN)
      Galexon House, 301A 3rd Floor
      Off Mbagathi Way
      P O Box 74908
      Nairobi, Kenya
      Tel: (+254 © 2) 272 3958 
      Fax: (+254 © 2) 272 9607 
      e©mail: iin@... and Mulenkei@....
      This is pretty much all that's on the internet about her. I think this answers your question, although I'm not quite sure.
      Have a good day,
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      Dear Sharon,
      Thanks for putting this news. However I would request you to trac if there is any possibility get across this bold women rule. However it is not clear from the article that these women are white. Search for their contact points.

      hk> wrote:
       A Place Where Women Rule
          By Emily Wax
          The Washington Post
          Saturday 09 July 2005
      All-female village in Kenya is a sign of burgeoning feminism across Africa.
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