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  • Goldy George
    Aug 17, 2004
      It is really a pleasure to write to people in one go. But I understand that some of us are not yet inside this justpeace group hence I am also sending to the whole list of people based on the mail list availed at Kandy.
      So as of now the consensus is that this is going to be an internal communication. This mail is infact an attempt to revive some of the committments we made in Kandy. As I remember we are immediately suppose to collect stories of justpeace for our own understand as well as for the larger understanding of the group and also for our Justpeace Feature Service for which I have committed my time to edit some of it.
      Ehna, as Max I too tried to open the link but it was not letting me to see the site. It will be good if you could check it and send us once again.
      Max, I am in fact waiting for the details of the inter-faith dialogue meet. Good that you had added our old friends in this list. To add some of the old friends from the first three rounds of justpeace meet, my suggestion is that those who are still working on these ideas and also in touch with the Centre for Justpeace in Asia could be incorporated in. I am not sure, I wish all other could also contribute to suggest some of these things. This is entirely my personal view.
      Jahan, maybe you could send me the details of it since you are the local host of the meet.
      Phearan & Borey, you are really good in keeping everyone happy and smiling. Your accent as well as some of the words are really striking me time and again. However your presentation was really an eye opener to me personally and also in realising that like caste in India, corruption is the monistor. Could you give me the website of the group that produced the posters?
      Jae, we haven't heard much from you soldier. I think that you are busy collecting stories of justpeace. Well will it be possible for you to send us some details on how South Korea become a feasible testing ground for the US imperialists and what were the process and strategy other than using their military base in SK. And also if there is any sort of problems with regards to the working class, means the ordinary workers in Korea.
      Bay, nice to hear about problems of Vietnam. It is good to know that even in socialist countries like Vietnam the state could be an authortarian and autocratic one.
      DIG & Milton, nice to find that there are atleast a few shingales in Lanka who are much broader and concerned about the wider issues. Perhaps I visualised the rot and crude form of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, which is Chauvanist and Rascist in real.
      Jerome, good work that you had began this group for all of us. Thanks for such an opening.
      Charles, you bristled me with your vigourous presentation on the question of Tamils in Jaffna. At the same time we should not forget that any community could easilyfall into the traps of a more brutish social system from within. Sorry that we couldn't discuss much on the caste question among the Tamils while we were at Kandy. Maybe through this open forum we could discuss more about it in future. But keep us updated about any such developments in Jaffna. Also keep conscentising other youths like your friend Madhu.
      Nandi & Adikaram, Thanks for the warm and homely atmosphere you provided us during our stay and hope that this link for justpeace with you will continue in future too.
      With the salution of the children of the soil

      Friends:  As Goldy suggests, we will, for the time being, keep the list among ourselves.  We have added the names of those friends who were invited but unable to attend the workshop.  Later, if the group agrees, we can add the names of some of the participants in previous workshops.  But for now, we will use this group to communicate among ourselves.

      dalitstudycircle <dalitstudycircle@...> wrote:

      It is nice that we had got this stuff started and I hope that this
      will be our fast and easy communication channel in future. I am not
      sure if this should remain as an internal means of communication for
      all of us in common or we should go to make it in public. However my
      personal view is that let this be used for our internal communiation
      purpose and if needed or if all of us feel then we could open it for
      others too by sending them an invitation. But as of now it should be
      something for us, till we find things in a better way.

      Max, I look forward to get a report, not so soon, but atleast in
      about a month or so.

      So once again I welcome all to be active in this justpeace group and
      let us make it as a group of the marginalised people.

      Warm wishes
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