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some of my experiences

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  • David Melton
    www.groups.yahoo.com/group/notulsapd www.groups.yahoo.com/group/badpolice dmelton321 wrote: I used to live in Tulsa Oklahoma for 12
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2008
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      dmelton321 <dmelton321@...> wrote:
      I used to live in Tulsa Oklahoma for 12 years 11 months.
      One time I was at the park minding my own business. Some girl
      claimed I was following her around telling her get off the
      playground. I did no such thing! I never even tried to talk to her or
      the woman she was with. The police took the attitude I was guilty
      because they said so and told me don't talk to anyone. even though
      the woman the girl was with told them i wasn't folloowing her around
      even before they came up to me ( but gave them the sob story she was
      scared of me). They charged up to me like I was a thug on America's
      Most Wanted.They gave me the third degree saying why did I come to
      the park, did my dad know I came and what did he say. It is a PUBLIC
      place and I am a GROWN MAN. I don't need permission from anyone
      including the police to come to a place specially designed for the
      WAS!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !
      One time I was walking along picking up cans when i was stopped by a
      Union Pacific officer. He was giving me the third degree saying what
      was I doing and where was I going. AFTER he looked at my ID and wrote
      down my address he pointed to an old mattress at the side of the
      street saying did I live there! AFTER i told him I lived at the
      address he had just written down off my ID he told me move on. Then
      just down the street. A Tulsa officer came along. She gave me the
      third degree saying who did I talk to, what did he say, what was I
      doing and where was I going. It's not a crime to walk down a public
      street collecting cans. Another officer pulled up next to her too and
      was giving me the evil eye like I was a thug on america's most wanted
      just because I was collecting cans.
      One time I was collecting cans when i man and a police officer
      pulled up next to me. I had used the bathroom in the trees down the
      street and thought the guy had seen me doing that. The officer didn't
      tell me why I was being stopped. Finally she asked did I mail a
      letter but still wouldn't tell me what it was about. I only figured
      out becasue I heard the officer and guy talking to each other. The
      guy saw me MAIL A LETTER of all things and called the police. He said
      in an accusing manner I was avoiding getting my fingerprints on the
      letter. I had already gotten my fingerprints on the letter itself and
      envelope, and I licked it shut. I've seen crime shows on TV. The
      plice can get DNA that way. The guy said he called them because he
      got concerned and wanted to make sure I was one of the good guys or
      one of the bad guys. He saw me collecting cans. he didn't think I was
      one of the good guys.The officer asked who was the letter to, which
      wasn't really any of her business. AFTER I gave an honest answer she
      asked again who was it to. It's because of police officers like her
      we need the 5th amendment.The people in tulsa are terrible towards
      homeless people. Among the worst in the U.S. Even though I am not
      One time I had just moved to a new neighborhood. A guy called the
      police. The officer claimed I was prowling around. I presumed I had
      the right to walk to the store and back in MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. The
      officer aske dwhat my current address was. i told him the apartment
      in the back of the neighborhood we were in and he said oh the house
      next to the complex. No the apartment i had told him. he was just
      trying to give me a hard time and make things up.\
      December 23,2006 around 6PM there was a loud knock on the door and a
      man saying I need to talk to you. My dad was asleep. he got up. the
      person knocked again saying I need to talk to you. i wasn't going to
      answer it. my dad opened the door a little. I heard what I thought
      was my dad trying to shut the door. ( I found out later it was really
      the sound of the door being kicked in.) I heard the person yelling
      get on the ground and just saw two guns coming in the door. i didn't
      see who it was. I thought it was a home invasion and thought no no
      not this. I began to run out the other way to call the police when i
      saw it was two ooficers yelling at me too to get on the ground. I got
      on the ground thinking what is this about. it turned out there were
      kids at a creek who claimed i was following them around a couple days
      and leaving when the parents came. I never followed any kid around. I
      never saw the man on the motorcycle I had seen drive around in my
      complex until then when he peeked in my door saying that's the guy,
      much less see him at the creek when i passed by on my way home from
      mailing a letter or leave when i saw him. One officer put a gun to my
      head and said if he saw me within 5 feet of a kid he would put a
      bullet through my head, saying did I understand ot think he was
      kidding. He also shoved my head to the ground with his baton. When I
      told the other officer I don't know why the officer put the gun to my
      head and said he would put a bullet through my head he said "it's
      part of their training because they don't know me." He said how would
      I like it if they arrested me and took me wher people would beat my
      ass. I said I didn't do anything wrong( which I didn't) and he said
      child molester. he said he's a police officer and he's telling me
      it's wrong. that creek is a PUBLIC place. it's not wrong to pass by
      there on my way home from mailing a letter. he said if they saw mr
      walking they would arrrest me and get it over with. The one who put
      the gun to mky head said the parent swere going to beat my ass and
      throw me in the creek and they wouldn't do a thing about it. He asked
      did we have cats and why did we have bleach.
      There was a serial rapist on the loose in tulsa . he preyed upong
      young girls alot. He was on thye loose for 5 years and got 43 counts
      on him before the police ever caught him. A gang member in Tulsa
      killed 5 other gang members before the police would arrest him. a
      drunk woman killed 5 people in front of a bar. She drove 2.2 miles
      from the bar she had been drinking at before she got to the point she
      killed the people at. The Tulsa police wouldn't stop her before she
      got to where she hit the 5 people ( a person had a motorcycle
      accident in front of the bar and 4 others went to help-the drunk
      woman killed ran into them and killed them). They never caught her
      afterwards either-she just turned herself in. There was 2 or 3 people
      running up on people ni parking lots in Tulsa robbing them. I'm not
      sure the police ever caught them. Tulsa also had an ongoing problem
      with black people robbing Mexicans and I'm not sure the police ever
      caught them either.
      August 2005-Febuary 2006 tulsa had a bad rash of home invasion and
      had even more murders, and even more shootings and robberies ( Tulsa
      already has a high rate of shootings and robberies>)
      Yet the ones who barged in on us were worried about us having bleach
      and cats- and a other officers stoope dme and harrassed me for
      PUBLIC park!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!
      We read in the Tulsa paper Tulsa had 64 murders in 2007.

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