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corrupt cops who kill

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  • lyledude1
    Hello.Newby here,so first I d like to express my sorrow over your cousin s death.I haven.t read your story of what happened to him but will shortly. I want to
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      Hello.Newby here,so first I'd like to express my sorrow over your
      cousin's death.I haven.t read your story of what happened to him but
      will shortly.
      I want to share a story of my own if I may.Maybe it relates with
      others.I would think so.
      Summer 2003.Ft.Bragg,Calif.Not a big place,maybe 14,000 or so in the
      general area.There are lots of people driving low-riders.Many of them
      have no liscense plates or plate-illumination lamps.
      I used to go out at night back then.I noticed that sometimes the cops
      and a few of these cars were following each other,bumper-to-bumper,
      around town late at night.These cars were bust,but no,they were in
      Then late one night I was driving home from a friends when I neared an
      intersection.There were headlights of cars there ahead of me,so when I
      stopped,a small lowered pickup pulled out 1st.It had no rear plate or
      light.The other vehicle there was next,but he flashed his lights,so I
      went on ahead.
      I turned onto the street and went past the vehicle,it being a
      Mendocino Co.sherrif's 4x4.The deputy's rear plate ill.lamp was out.
      Couldn't see the plate clearly.
      Behind the deputy was another low-rider.It's rear plate was missing.
      Behind him was a Ft.Bragg Police car.It's rear ill.lamp was out.It's
      plate was covered with a black placard9the very next day,I saw another
      officer driving the same car and THE PLACARD WAS STILL THERE!Someone
      got nervous and forgot to remove it!).
      Behind the cop was another low-rider,missing plate.I drove by them
      kind of slowly,getting a good look.I stopped at the next stop sign,one
      block past thses guys.I watched as they slowly followed each other,
      bumper-to-bumper,headed out of town.They drove less than a 1/4 mile
      when they all pulled over,then in unison turned back around and headed
      in my direction.I took off and got home real fast.Barred the door,not
      knowing if I would get a visit of sorts.
      No one came,but for the rest of the summer and well beyond,low-riders
      and other vehicles I'd never seen would harras me,following me
      evrywhere,and sometimes we would have these chases.They would gather
      together and ride my bumper,and the chases began.High-speed stuff.
      Through town.Daytime.Nighttime.Through it all there was never a cop in
      sight,not once.
      I had a fast car,so I would always lose these guys and wait for them
      to pass me,then I would chase them.To hell with them.
      Come August,I drove to Willits,35 miles away,for dental work.On the
      trip over,a small white pickup folled me very closely.I let it by and
      eventually got the appointment done.
      I bought lunch at Burger King there and drove to a hill-top just east
      of Willits overlooking the area and began eating.Then that same small
      white truck drove by,the hispanic driver looking at me as he went by.A
      few minutes went by when I noticed that truck had parked behind a tree
      on the next turn,barely visible.
      I finnished eating and headed back down off the hill.Within less than
      a minute of getting back down,a low-rider,followed by a Mendocino Co.
      Sherrif vehicle followed by another low-rider,bumper-to-bumper.We
      passed each other,and in my rear-view watched them all turn around and
      come back at me,fast.
      I punched it and drove through Willits at high-speed,zig-zagging
      throught town as these cars chased me.I finally reached the highway
      home and buried the speedo,losing them.I made it home ok.
      There is so much to tell.It's horrible the things these and other cops
      do and get away with.Drug trafficking and dealing with gangs and the
      mob,as is thw case here.Murder of witnesses to thier(the cops) crimes,
      also the case here.
      God loves me.he saved me from a painfull death,I am sure.
      So I have much empathy for Eric's family and friends.God bless you for
      undertaking the effort to let the world know whats going on in this
      so-called democracy of ours.
      I myself do not fear these people,for I know that they have proven to
      the public what they are doing and I have made sure to tell many
      people about it.Tell the world.It listens.
      Take care.
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