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  • kim bell
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      Subj: Re: i agree
      I will be more than happy to share your story.  

      In 1996, I became concerned about the need for meaningful police oversight, and was shocked to see how far behind we are in wisconsin.  

      I am amazed and gladdened to see others have similar concerns and call for reasonable and needed changes.  

      in 1986, the US commission on civil rights suggested that all us cities employ an early intervention system....a data mining system to monitor warning signs of officers before they offend.  such systems typically monitor things such as use of force, weapons use, high speed pursuit, resisting arrest (in 2000, the wis doj. reported that 15% of all resisting arrest convictions in the state were statistical anomalies, but which officers did wrong?) , use of sick days, and other issues.  

      Studies show the use of early intervention systems are effective to reduce police misconduct.  Officers seem to be more willing to speak against their peers early on if the result is more training and closer monitoring of a peers performance.  

      From what I have read on your web site and knowing what officers have told me during my research on terrible tragedies in my community, the effects of adrenaline on an officer are extreme, and the use of partners is needed to combat these effects.  

      Sadly, even text book practices to combat the effects of adrenaline on an officer seemed to have been disregarded in what happened to michael.  Such disregard for training does not occur overnight.  

      an early intervention system in kenosha could have given these officers the additional training, practice, and peer support. The use of early interventions systems has been a standing recommendation by the US commission on civil rights for almost 2 decades.  In spite of such a system being the top priority of former Milwaukee police chief Hegerty, milwaukee still does not have such a system in place and sadly the same is true for other communities in our state.  

      In milwaukee, our efforts for an early intervention system resulted in a data base that tracks only use of force, and only for 6 months.....1/3rd less than any such system studied by the us doj on the effectiveness of such systems, and this is more than many communities in our state.  

      I will tell others about your efforts and of michaels story.  

      I am impressed that you have met the tragedy of the loss to your family with a very reasonable and educated call for external review mechanisms and other standard and proven methods to prevent this sort of tragedy from happening to others.  

      such is very refreshing

      and vitally needed.  

      thank you for giving hope to me, that some where someone does indeed understand that we need to take police oversight seriously, and this does not make someone anti-police.  We need to prevent future victims that will result if leave this important issue left undone.  

      best wishes

      paul peck

      On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 9:24 PM, <Plea4Change@...> wrote:
      Mr. Peck,
        Thank you for your words of support. Our family asks that you share our story with your friends on facebook or twitter and then send an email to your legislator (or Kenosha Mayor/ KPD Police chief). Each and every voice speaks louder for the change we seek.
      Once again, thank you.
      Michael Bell

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