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  • David Melton
      I m new.I used to live in Tulsa Oklahoma I want to share experiences I ve had with the police there. One time i was collecting cans when I was stopped by a
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2009

      I'm new.I used to live in Tulsa Oklahoma I want to share experiences I've had with the police there.
      One time i was collecting cans when I was stopped by a Union Pacific Officer in Tulsa. He was giving me the third degree saying what am i doing and where am I going and demanded to see my ID. AFTER he copied my address he had the nerve to point at an old,dirty, broken down mattress and ask did I live there. He told me move on. I could tell he had it in his head I was homeless which of course was wrong. As I got down yhe street a female Tulsa officer stopped me and gave me the third degree saying who did I talk to what did he say where am I going and where am I coming from. A male officer pulled up next to me during that and was giving me the evil eye. It's not illegal to walk down the street and collect cans. That incident happened in 2003. One time in 2004 I was collecting cans. A police officer stopped me then and the man who put in the complaint pulled up. I didn't know why I was being stopped at first. Then I found out I was being stopped for MAILING A LETTER! The officer asked who was the letter to. After I gave an honest answer she asked again who was the letter to. She said the guy got concerned and wondered if i was one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. he saw me collecting cans. If I had been Bill Gates doing the same thing and not a guy picking up cans he wouldn't have questioned my character. One time in 2000 I was at mcClure park minding my own business when an officer came up and then two others came charging up as though I was a thug on America's Most Wanted. It turns out a girl had told them I was following her around telling her get off the playground. That's 100% rediculous. I never tried to interact with her. i never said anything to her whatsoever. The officers took the attitude I was guilty because they said so which the Tulsa police department is good at anyway. The older woman said i wasn't following the girl around saying get off the playground but said she was scared of me when she walked passed me. That's rediculous too. I'm just an ordinary person minding my own business trying to go to a public place. The complaintants also asked the pool manager if she knew anything about me. The officers asked did my dad know I came out to the park and what did he say. I was 24 years old back in 2000 when that happened. I was old enough to make my own decisions. I was also questioned by police in 1996 at that same park. I wasn't given any reason at that time either.
      Here's the biggy that happened to me with the Tulsa police department.
      On December 23, 2006 about 6PM there was a loud knock at the door. a man said loudly "I need to talk to you!" He didn't say who he was. I didn't answer. My dad was leeping. He got up. Again the man knocked and called out "I need to talk to you!" My dad went to answer, I was around the corner. I heard a sound I thought at the time was my dad trying to close the door. (he said later it was them kicking the door in on him.) I heard the man yelling "Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" I just saw two guns coming through the door from where I was standing. I thought it was a home invasion. I thought no not this. I started to run out to call the police and I saw it was two police officers running in yelling at me too to get on the ground. I got on the ground thinking what's this about/ It turns out they were saying I was at a creek following kids around and leaving when the parents arrived. That's a lie/ I never followed any kids around at all. I would never do such a thing. The officer who yelled get on the ground put a gun to my head and said if he saw me within 5 feet of a kid he would put a bullet through my head, saying did I understand and think he was kidding. I told I didn't know why that officer put the gun to my head like that he said "It's part of their training because they don't know me" That's not part of their training. As far as saying they don't know me, maybe that means I've never been arrested. Did they think of that?! The other officer said how would i like it if they arrested me and took me to a place where people would beat my ass. I said I didn't do anything wrong and he said child molestor. No not child molestor. I just went to mail a letter and went back home. I never did anything wrong whatsoever. The other officer said if they see me out walking they'll arrest me and get it over with. The one who put the gun to my head said the parents beat my ass and throw me in the creek and they won't do a thing about it. They looked around our apartment. They didn't ask our permission and I know they didn't have a search warrant either. That's an illegal search. The one who put the gun to my head asked did we have cats and why did we have bleach. In March of 2007 a gang member killed 5 other gang members before the Tulsa police would arrest him. A serial rapist was on the loose 5 years in Tulsa and got 43 counts on him before the police would arrest him. Black people were robbing Mexicans and the Tulsa police never would arrest them. People were doing parking lot robberies. The Tulsa police never arested them either. In 2007 A female drunk driver killed 5 people she hit in front of a bar. She had to drive over 2 miles drunk to get to that point. The Tulsa police never arrested her before or after the fact, she just turned herself in. September 2008 a Mexican killed a woman on a motorccyle,who happened to be an ex Owasso cop's wife. The Tulsa police never got him. he just went back to Mexico. Tulsa has a high murder rate and alot of shootings and robberies. The crime problem in Tulsa never gets better. Yet the two who barged in on us were worried about us having bleach and cats. And the others in the past who were worried about me mailing a letter and collecting cans which by the way are not illegal.

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