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  • Robert Torres
    well, with the loss of Clement Freud, I m assuming that Clement s mantle of the competitive player is being taken up by both Sue and Gyles, because that was
    Message 1 of 31 , Feb 10, 2010
      well, with the loss of Clement Freud, I'm assuming that Clement's mantle of the competitive player is being taken up by both Sue and Gyles, because that was how Clement was like during the early days of the program and throughout much of his time on the show but wasn't able to win too many of his appearances during the latter years of his life. 
      After all Dean, you did make the comment that there has to be some structure of competition in the program, because 'if everyone just got up and started telling jokes, the show would lose structure and just become silly'. 

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      To be honest, my heart gladdens when I hear that Liza Tarbuck is on a show. She hails from the same part of the world as I do but I find her witty in a low-key sort of way. And Graham Norton as well, and not becuase we share the root of a surname. Odd that he's Irish with the English spelling of the surname and I'm English with the Irish spelling... Having said that, i did see him on "Who Do You Think You Are" so I can understand why he has the English spelling.

      I think Sue Perkins is a great comedian and TV presenter. She is excellent when on The News Quiz; however I don't particularly like her (recent) style on Just A Minute. She falls into the "too competitive" camp for me, together with Gyles Brandreth. I prefer people who play the game as entertainment and Sue and Gyles seem to play it to win. Which, as Robert says, is fair enough and perhaps explains Dean't statistical oddity. Just not my cup of tea. I did think her comment on sportspeople' s lack of personality as a sweeping generalisation but a lot of comedy does the same. I didn't find it offensive, but then again I'm not a sportsperson. I wouldn't be suprised, though, if the BBC got a few complaints about it.

      BBC iPlayer had a hiccup with Monday night's Radio 4 programmes which perhaps explains the delay in posting. I'm travelling at the minute but will upload my copy as soon as I can if someone else doesn't beat me to it. It's too haphazard using mobile broadband for uploading large files.

      Incidentally, my understanding was that people outside the UK could hear radio programmes on iPlayer but not TV? I notice people from outside the UK saying that they couldn't connect. Has this changed and/or has anyone tried recently?


      kJ (Naughton)

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      > I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the more recent batch of episodes.  But if Sue Perkins is able to win her appearances now, then good for her.  I love Sue Perkins, she herself is very playful and doesn't mind taking the mickey out of herself occasionally when she screws up.  She is also very intelligent, articulate and informative and just damned funny. 
      > I don't mind Liza Tarbuck being on the show, she brings a nice giggly female presence on to the show, someone who is obviously having a great time and having fun.

    • kj.naughton
      Oh bum. Nice try, though! Cheers kJ
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 24, 2010
        Oh bum. Nice try, though!



        --- In just-a-minute@yahoogroups.com, "Dean" <dbedford@...> wrote:
        > It's a nice theory - but they didn't actually have the same panels and were recorded separately.
        > The show two weeks ago featured Paul, Graham, Sue and Liza Tarbuck, the one this week had Tony Hawks in for Liza
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