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Re[2]: [just-a-minute] just a minute cds and tapes

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  • s369180
    ... [...] ... Hello again, Thank you for the fast reply. I m sorry if I wasn t clear. I was talking about the Just a Minute - Canned laughter tape (I think).
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2008
      > I don't think the first ever episode in 1967 has ever been released for
      > sale.
      > If you mean the first tape release, the first ever was Silver
      > Minutes, released in 1992, and then "Just A Minute - Canned
      > Laughter" was released at the end of 1993.

      Hello again,

      Thank you for the fast reply. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I was
      talking about the "Just a Minute - Canned laughter" tape (I think).
      I would like to find a copy to complete my collection but I don't know
      how or where. Searching for "JAM" brings up too many false positives,
      so I was hoping an ISBN would help me.

      > JAM2 was originally on cassette only but was re-released last year on
      > CD. I think there's no particular reason why the earlier editions were
      > cassette only except that cassettes were far more popular 10 years ago
      > than they are today.

      I was just puzzled why the BBC re-released JAM2 on cd but
      never continued to re-release JAM3, JAM4, etc on cd now that CDs are
      more popular. I think JAM2 is now out of print on both cassette and


      Best regards,
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