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2012-1-7- Bali News & Views

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      2012-1-7- Bali News & Views
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         2012-1-7- Bali News & Views



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      Tourist Arrivals Primed to Reach 7.6 Million in 2011 :

      A record 7.6 million tourists are expected to have visited Indonesia by the end of the year, up 0.6 million from last year’s numbers but less than the government’s optimistic target of 7.7 million, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture has said. MORE

      Wow. Delta Goodrem really is dating Nick Jonas :

      Following on from that logic-defying image of the Aussie singer holding hands with 18-year-old Nick Jonas two weeks ago, the unlikely duo have pretty much confirmed they are a couple by jetting away to Bali together on a private plane. MORE


      Indonesia Rings in 2012 With Parties, Colour, Light :

      Close to 125,000 people packed Ragunan Zoo the morning after. Some 150,000 people headed to Carnaval Beach at the Ancol Recreational Park in the evening and was hours later packed with holiday makers spending the first day of the year with family and friends.“I wonder how much money was wasted on firecrackers and fireworks like that?” the resident asked during the show at Lumintang field in Denpasar. MORE

      Bali Fire Works Out Of Control:

      Tourism Industry Must Demand Controls or lose business:

      The Christmas and New Year's unfortunately once again for the second year in a row sounded like a war zone after fireworks were  made to0 accessible to the locals and tourists alike. MORE


      " Fireworks were illegal unless you had a permit"

      Unfortunately this directive came too late and too many fireworks were sold which were uncontrollable by the Bali police.

      Join Campaign to Control Fireworks :

      The solution is not a law against fireworks. It is too hard to control.

      The solution is to stop firework sales completely until two days before new years and limit the amount sold.

      As I mentioned in my recent newsletter and blogs I am developing a lobby against fireworks even being sold this year until a few days before New Years Eve. MORE

      Bali set for 18 additional religious holidays in 2012  

      Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has decided to add 18 local holidays this year to allow resident Hindus to perform religious rituals, in addition to the already 13 national holidays and five official joint leave days.
      “The special local holidays are intended to allow Hindus to perform their various religious activities,” spokesman for the provincial government, I Ketut Teneng, said Thursday in Denpasar, antaranews.com reported.


      Rhapsody for the Otherness in Bali Painter's Brush

      Born in a provincial village near Orleans in 1969, Bali-based French artist Jean-Philippe Haure never imagined that someday he would venture to a foreign country and wind up staying there for more than two decades.
      But life takes unexpected turns, and Haure, whose paintings are currently exhibited at One East Artspace in Singapore, has put down roots in Bali.


      World Class Entertainment Comes to Bali :

      Editors Note: It's always nice to have world class entertainment come to Bali . I've already secured my tickets . Stop by and say hello and we will rock the night away. Traipsing across Asia to promote its album “Night Work,” alternative dance band Scissor Sisters will be debuting in Indonesia with a concert at Bali’s Hard Rock Cafe this Saturday. MORE


      Bali Increasingly a Stop for the World’s Cruise Ships

      Denpasar. Bali has increasingly become a stop on the itineraries of cruise ships, and a port official says 2012 promises to be the biggest year yet for the island. Iwan Sabatini, the general manager of Pelabuhan Indonesia III, which manages Benoa Port in southern Bali, said on Monday that 35 cruise ships berthed at the port last year, compared to 27 in 2010 and 15 in 2009. MORE



      Govt to end private car fuel subsidies in April

      The Govt says it will end subsidized fuel to private cars in Greater Jakarta in April, pending approval from the House of Representatives. MORE



      Worlds Real Estate Markets in 2012:  

      One thing I pride myself on is my virtually 100% accurate predictions on price trends in world real estate markets for many years now starting as far back as Hawaii in 1990 when I said Hawaii  real estate prices would collapse, even though I owned a small real estate brokerage there. In the next few years Hawaii residential homes dropped  20% to 30%.   MORE

      Buy American Real Estate:  

      The following prediction will probably come as a shock to my long time readers.  

      After being bearish on American real estate for five years I believe we may actually see a bottoming out and small increases in three bedroom residential homes in select areas in America in 2012.   MORE

      "American residential real estate in most major cities may have a slight 

      increase for the first time in years in 2012" 


      Bali- 2012 The Best Year Ever:  

      Bali real estate prices are still catching up with other resort areas in the world such as Thailand and Hawaii which because after the dramatic 2005 and 2007 bombings kept investors stayed  away. It's been along time since we've had a bombing or even any radical Islamic attacks. MORE

      "Bali residential homes will rise 5 % to 10% in value this year."

      Sanur Good and Getting Better:  

      Fifteen  years ago I sailed into Bali on a yacht and asked local expatriates "where was the best place to live in Bali" they told me "Sanur" MORE

      Ubud- The Former Sleepy Artist Colony:

      Finally approximate 20 to 30 minutes north of Sanur is what was formerly the sleepy artist village of Ubud.I say formally because unfortunately it has gone the way of Seminyak with a few good restaurants on  a one-way road which is often congested and sometimes gridlocked, especially if there is a ceremony on. MORE

      What features Do renters want:  

      If your intention is to purchase a place and rent it out for positive cash flow then you must compromise between what you want and what the tourist seeks.  After 15 years of being in the tourism business in Bali and handling ten's of thousands of requests for rentals I want to share with  the most important considerations for tourists before they decide on a rental, in order of importance. MORE


      What's Ahead In 2012? :

      In last weeks newsletter I said. " Gold will continue to rise"

      Since Jan 1 it has risen 2.5 % in one week

      "I now believe that gold in this price range and even better at around $1,500 an ounce will be an excellent purchase and should go to $2,000 - $2,500 an ounce  during 2012. Silver which can now be purchased for as little as $27 an ounce should rise to $35-$50 an ounce. Pla tinum which can be purchased for less than gold, which historically is the best time to buy, at around $1,400 an ounce should rise to $2,000 - $2,500 an ounce as well. MORE

      World Currency Predictions :  

      I admit there are many things I do not understand about the world economy and investors sentiment. The one  quandary that continues to confuse me the most is why investors would consider buying U.S. securities at almost 0% interest.   MORE


      Another Predication Seems to Be coming True Already:

      Last week I said : One prediction that I hope does not come true the last few days is that we are going to have a Cuba style crises with Iran in the next six months as the war rhetoric builds. There's no question in my mind that the world will decide to put more severe sanctions on Iran and Iran is already retaliating with statements such as made the last few days that they would close the Strait of Hormuz putting severe pressure on the world oil supply. MORE

      I ran: Ahmadinejad says sanctions will be met with 'force'

      Annunci Google Tehran, 2 Jan. (AKI) - The Iranian Central Bank will respond to new sanctions imposed by the United States "with force, "Iranian president Ahmadinejad told an annual meeting of senior central bank officials on Monday, according to state media. MORE

      Iran threatens U.S. Navy as sanctions hit :

      Editor's Note: In my 2012-1-1 Newsletter I warned

      S aber rattling By Iran is escalating dramatically which may drive oil gold and many other commodities through the roof. Since then oil has increased as much as 5% . MORE

      (Reuters) - Iran threatened on Tuesday to take action if the U.S. Navy moves an aircraft carrier into the Gulf, Tehran's most aggressive statement yet after weeks of saber-rattling as new U.S. and EU financial sanctions take a toll on its economy. MORE

      "United States had moved an aircraft carrier out of the Gulf because of

      Iran's naval exercises, and Iran would take action if the ship returned."

      Possible Reasons the Iranian crisis is escalating at this point.   

      Editor's Note: It just dawned on me yesterday, one of the reasons that maybe the Iranian crisis is escalating at this point.

      Why is it the world is so worried about Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb. Any idiot knows that they probably can just go buy one over the black market within a couple weeks if they really want one.

      I agree with the rhetoric that the current leader of Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a complete maniac and needs to be removed  one way or another.

      What's the real reason America is getting tough with Iran at this time? MORE

      "the only thing we learn from history is that we are doomed to repeat it"

      Iraq War Facts, Results & Statistics at November 30, 2011

      4,486 US Soldiers Killed, 32,226 Seriously Wounded

      For your quick reading, I've listed key statistics about the Iraq War and occupation, taken primarily from data analyzed by various think tanks, including The Brookings Institution's Iraq Index, and from mainstream media sources. Data is presented as of November 30, 2011, except as indicated. U.S. SPENDING IN IRAQ
      Spent & Approved War-Spending - About $1 trillion of US taxpayers' funds spent or approved for spending through 2011.

      All us at Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International and PT. Bali Luxury Villas wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year.

      We hope that this newsletter, our daily blogs and tweets can help you to achieve success in 2012 and beyond.

      My slogan for 2012 is " Success we shall delve in 2012

      " Success we shall delve in 2012  

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      Two Fake Policemen Arrested in Bali:

      Obviously emboldened by their sentiments that a police officer could take whatever he wants from a “suspect”, two men masquerading as police officers entered a café – claiming to be police officers investigating a murder case and asked for identification cards from all patrons.  when two students could not provide any, they were pulled outside.

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