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2011-4-7-Bali News & Views

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      2011-4-7-Bali News & Views
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         2011-4-7-Bali News & Views



      Over 27,011 readers worldwide.

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      Dear Lawrence, Have missed being able to personally view your Bali News & Views due to our change of internet provider.We miss your input into current Bali affairs and hope to now receive this at our new email address. Many thanks, L. & K. H. 2011-3-20 

      Editors Accuracy Level Diminishes:

      With tongue-in-cheek I have to admit that my accuracy on my predictions has dropped a little bit from last year. In the first quarter of this year I was only 82% correct. Last year I was 83%. MORE

      Stock Markets Continue Two Year Bull Market: 

      At the beginning of the year I said that most major western stock indexes would go up in the first half of the year and possibly fall off in the second half as rising interest rates and a professional sell off hits the market. The four indexes I recommend the ASSX, Australian Index, the German DAX, the American S&P 500 and Dow Jones have increased an average of 4.4% in three months that’s an annualized increase of 17.2%. Very similar to last year's gain. MORE

      U.S.D. Did not Rally As Market Experts Expected: 

      At the beginning of the year I remember more than 50% of the commentators on C.N.B.C. and Bloomberg news were stating that the U.S. dollar had probably seen its final downturn and would start up in the New Year. MORE

      IDR TD's Perform Well 1st. Qtr: 

      At the beginning year I told people to take their savings and put it into Indonesian Rupiah time deposits at some of the biggest and safest banks in Indonesia. In the first quarter they would've received approximately 1.5% interest plus they would've seen the rupiah appreciate against the dollar by 2.9% therefore they would've received 4.4% gain against U.S. dollars. This is an annualized increase of 17.2%. Not bad when you compare it to time deposits in North America, Canada and even Singapore paying ½ % to 1 %. MORE

      Possible Major Correction in Crude Oil:

      I continued to be bullish on oil at the beginning of this year even though I didn't expect the Middle East conflict. Oil has soared 18.3%.

      All research that I've done recently indicates that there may actually be a major correction in oil in the near future as supplies seems to be adequate and demand is dropping in the U.S.A. A bear may be triggered if things settle down in the Middle East especially if Qaddafi turns over power and the rebels start exporting Libyan oil.  MORE

      Corn is Golden Investment:

      Those of you who have been reading my newsletter, coming to my seminars and listening to my radio program are well aware that I have been very bullish on corn.  The supply, demand scenario continues to be bullish with large amounts of corn being destroyed in many countries such as China and Australia due to adverse weather.  MORE

      Extremely Bullish - Over 50% of My Personal Portfolio:

      And the investment that of course I have been extremely bullish on with over 50% of my personal portfolio invested in is Bali Real Estate including luxury villas, beachfront land and office buildings which continues to get more and more bullish all the time. 

      In fact the governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika has stated that he does not want any more building permits approved in the near term for hotels and villas. MORE

      Free Bali Investment Seminar: 

      I highly recommend you take a few minutes of your time to come down and listen to someone who has been right a lot more than being wrong with an average track record of over 73% the last three years and 83% last year. Even with all the chaos in the first quarter I achieved an 82% accuracy rate. What have you got to lose? The answer is nothing. 

      What have you got to gain?  If nothing else a lot of knowledge to help you with your own personal investment portfolio.  

      I do not sell stocks. Bonds. Commodities or anything other than real estate. The advice I offer is based on my own personal, very successful investment portfolio which is up is up over 80% in just a few weeks. 

      I hope to see you there. Seating is very limited so you better call now and reserve your spot. To attend a seminar call 284069 that’s 284069 or send an SMS 08123814014 that’s’ 08123814014.  MORE

      Crises Recommendation a Winner

      :Three  weeks ago today in the midst of one of the worst crises in modern day history and record sell offs in the Stock, Commodity and Currency markets I stuck my neck out once again on this Bali News & Views Radio program on Paradise FM 100.9 and said, MORE

      Important Recent Economic Developments:

      1.     Better Than Expected UK Services PMI Boosts Sterling – UK Services PMI came out at 57.1, significantly higher than the consensus of a 52.5 print. The release sparked a major rally in Sterling.

      2.     FOMC Meeting Minutes Show Members Divided on Stimulus – The FOMC Minutes for their March meeting showed members were divided as to whether to begin winding down stimulus measures this year. The committee also revised inflation numbers to reflect recent rises in food and gasoline prices.

      3. RBA Leaves Cash Rate Unchanged at 4.75% – The Australian central bank left its benchmark Cash Rate unchanged for the fifth consecutive month as was widely. MORE 


      Australian Home Loans Decline in March:

      Aussie Home Loans declined by -5.6%, which was significantly more than the decline of -2.6% that was expected. In addition, the previous number was revised downward from -4.5% to -6.3%.MORE 

      Editors Note:

      I listened to a major analyst on Bloomberg news Thurs. Morning who had just returned from China and he said that Chinese were not buying properties to live in or that have positive cash flow but simply because they have so much cash right now and they feel that real estate is the best.

      In my 30 years of real estate investments this has always been the strongest indictor of a major top in real estate. Three years ago I issued my first sell signal for western real estate in decades including Britain and price dropped as much as 70 % after I read about American House Wives having home selling parties instead of Tupperware parties. 

      Two months ago I issued my sell signal for Australia cities and it has dropped consistently and is picking up steam. MORE

      First Ever Sell Signal For Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou: 

      I am now issuing my first ever sell signal for Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

      Here is a opinion from an expert on the subject. MORE

      Hong Kong Property: Looking Downward:

      Zarathustra W. is the Independent Finance and Economics Writer of Also Sprach Analyst

      After reaching the bull case scenario of rising 11%, upside is getting limited for the rest of the year, and conditions are becoming less favorable. 

      As companies in China are scrambling to Hong Kong to borrow and Hong Kong depositors favor Chinese Yuan (a.k.a. Rembini) deposits over Hong Kong dollar, Hong Kong dollar liquidity is being tightened, thus funding costs are rising.   MORE

      First Ever Sell Signal For Singapore:

      While I’m at it I will now stick my neck way out for the first time in public and issue a sell signal for Singapore real estate as it has similar conditions to Hong Kong with no purchase making sense with negative cash flow. MORE

      Most Bullish Ever On Bali Real Estate:

       On the other hand I am the most bullish I have ever been on Bali real estate in 14 years. Why? MORE

      Consumers Get More Bullish After Lower March Inflation:  

      Consumers were more optimistic about the economy in March as they expect price pressures to ease and their income to rise in the coming months, two surveys showed. Bank Indonesia released a survey on Monday that showed the consumer confidence index - a measure of how consumers perceive their economic condition - gained 0.7 points in March to 107.1. A figure greater than 100 means consumers are optimistic about the economy. MORE

      Global investors start to return to Indonesia: 

      The Indonesian financial market, which gained nearly 45 percent in 2010, saw heavy sell-offs earlier this year amid fears over the escalating inflation rate. 

      The selling pressure continued at least until the middle of March as foreign investors reduced their investments in the country, a trend that also hit other emerging markets. Many global investors eased back their investments in developed countries such as the United States amid signs of recovery in their economies. MORE


      Ever Dream of a Beachfront Estate?

      We are finalizing our building permits for three luxurious beachfront estates in our Paradise Beach Estate complex. There will be one large 400 m² dream home on 1020 m² of freehold beachfront land with two exotic curved 200 m² +3 bedroom estates behind. MORE


      Below is our current inventory of BALI LUXURY VILLA resales.

      You will find that the prices are below average and that the quality of construction , management and marketing are above average.

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      Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

      Disclaimer: All information presented above is considered true and reliable to the best of our knowledge at the time that it was produced. Information and prices may change without notice. We accept no responsibility for incorrect information listed herein . All recommendations may lose value in the future due to economical, political influences or any other reason. We do not guarantee the future performance











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