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2011-1-1 Bali & World News & Views

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      2011-1-1 Bali & World News & Views
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         2011-1-1 Bali & World News & Views



      Over 26,816 readers worldwide.

             Save a tree do not print this newsletter unless necessary. 


      If you are in or affiliated with the Bali Tourism Business you are cordially invited to join me at the fist Skal meeting of the year. Join dozens of our Bali travel professionals at a lovely luncheon and with professional networking. Call me at 08123814014 to Attend. Cheers Lawrence

       This is the last newsletter of this year and the last of the first decade of the 21st century.

       For those of you visiting from around the world a very warm welcome. 

      We thank you very much for choosing Bali, the best island in world, as your destination for your holidays this year. 

      My Prediction of record tourism for the holidays appears to be coming true. 

      For 2010 we are expecting record tourist arrivals of over seven million visitors of which over half are from foreign countries and the balance domestic.MORE________________________________________

      Weather  Dampens Bali Tourists Enthusiasm:

       Editors Note: Many of you reading this today are probably not very happy with your Bali vacation because of the weather. MORE________________________________________________________

      Things Could be a Lot Worse. 

      Things could be a lot worst. You could be on the East Coast of Canada or America in the worst storm to hit in 60 years where you can walk out the front door into three feet of snow.  MORE________________________________________________________

      Fireworks Are Out Of Control: 

      While on the negative news I want to discuss a major new problem.  

      When I first came here 14 years ago they only time you heard fireworks was during new years day or maybe a few days before.  

      This year it is absolutely completely annoying started about 10 days ago with big Star missiles going off until the wee hours of the morning.  

      For  tourists visiting I want to tell you this is not the norm and very unusual except the last few years. MORE________________________________________________________

       Now for The Good News:

       Taiwanese tourist arrivals in Bali increase 6.05%  

      Denpasar, Bali, Dec 26 (ANTARA) – 

      The number of Taiwanese tourists arriving in Bali in the January - October 2010 period increased 6.05 percent to 109,251 from 103.019 in the same period a year earlier, a statistics official said. MORE________________________________________________________

      Crime Figures Down in Bali

       Made Arya Kencana | December 29, 2010 

      Denpasar. Bali Police on Wednesday reported a small drop in the number of crimes involving foreign tourists this year, but were told much more needed to be done. MORE________________________________________________________

      National Park in Bangli district, Bali, may be incorporated

       The government has proposed that the Mount Batur National Park in Bangli district, Bali, be incorporated into Unesco’s Global Geoparks Network. MORE________________________________________________________

      Foreign Currencies Buy More in Bali: 

      The good news if you're visiting from abroad in just the last few days the Canadian dollar has risen over 2.5% along with the Australian, Singapore and several other currencies. The languishing Euro seems to be holding around 1.31. MORE________________________________________________________

      Financial  markets are now closed for another year and

      another decade.

      Last week I mentioned my free seminars on my Balinewsviews twitter. 

      One of my fellow newsletter writers based in Bali perhaps in jest or sarcasm sent a tweet saying that the the Nostradamus of Bali was giving a seminar.

      "Nostradamus of Bali was giving a seminar". MORE________________________________________________________

      Free Seminars: 

      For my 2011 predictions on world investments and real estate markets you can wait until my January Newsletter or Radio show.

       Alternatively  you can take an hour out of your time to meet me personally and get a jump start on your investments for the next decade by attending one of my two year end free investment seminars being held next week Tues 2-3 pm or Thurs Evening 6-7 PM.


      Free Private Consultations:

       Alternatively you may  have  a free consultation with me in my office next week Mon –Wed 9-11 am. 

      Call 284069 or o8123814014 for more information or an appointment. 


      Predictions for 2011 & Next Decade: 

      Predictions for 2011 and the next decade.

      Most of my predictions will be based on what I believe is going to happen to the world economies not what I know will happen because nobody knows the future except maybe Nostradamus, which is still unproven. MORE________________________________________________________

      Positive Economy in 2011:

      Even though there are these two major concerns I still believe that 2011 will be a positive year for the world’s economy. 

      How much, I'm not quite sure. I have been saying for some time that there is a major build up of demand for the simplest things in life such as running shoes. Two nights ago stores in America reported better-than-expected estates sales up 5% from last year even with the terrible weather them and having. MORE________________________________________________________

      Huge Increase in Travel & Tourism in 2011: 

      This middle-class will start to buy nonessential items which include travel.  

      Many of them have already traveled to resort areas in their own countries such as a Hinan in China and many Chinese have already traveled to Thailand or other Asian countries such as Singapore. MORE________________________________________________________

      Biggest fear in 2011 is not Recession but inflation.

       The commodity research Bureau index in America which attempts to track an index of prices of the major things that Americans purchase has seen a substantial increase in 2010 of over 51%.  MORE : http://www.baliagents.com/Bali-News-2011-1-1.htm

      Inflation can be your friend or your enemy

       As I said before inflation can be your friend or your enemy.

       Inflation will definitely be your friend if you're invested in the right stocks, commodities and hard tangible assets. MORE________________________________________________________

      Analysis: Indonesia: Year in review

      Josh Franken, Oxford Business Group | Mon, 12/27/2010 11:00 AM |

      as the year comes to a close, Indonesia can look back on 2010 with no small degree of satisfaction. The economy is performing well, foreign investment is on the rise and there is continued political stability. However, concerns linger over rising inflation and the sustainability of the current growth cycle. 

      Late into the last month of 2010, all indicators were that the targets set by the government for economic development would be met, with GDP on track to expand by 6 percent or more. MORE________________________________________________________

      Building Freeze Urged to Dampen Bali’s Hotel Boom

      Denpasar. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is pushing for a moratorium on the construction of new hotels in Bali, saying the resort island has almost 10,000 rooms it doesn’t need. MORE________________________________________________________


      These are the public holidays and Balinese holidays according to common business offices at Bali.

       Bali Hindu Holidays 2011: MORE________________________________________________________

      Angkasa ready to tender Bali airport Expansion

       Nani Afrida, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 12/23/2010 12:20 PM | Business

      State airport operator PT Angkasa Pura I is readying to expand Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, saying it will organize a tender for the first phase of the project soon. MORE________________________________________________________


      Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise Less Than Forecast

      Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise Less Than Forecast to 4.68 Million Rate
      Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Sales of existing homes in the U.S. rose 5.6 percent in November, less than forecast, as the industry that triggered the worst U.S. recession in seven decades struggled to recover after a government tax credit lapsed. Purchases increased to a 4.68 million annual rate, the National Association of Realtors said. Bloomberg's Michael McKee reports. (Source: Bloomberg) MORE________________________________________________________

      2011 Projection

       The real-estate agents’ group projects sales for the year will drop to a 4.8 million pace, the fewest for a full year since 1997. Purchases will climb to 5.2 million in 2011, a “sustainable” pace, NAR’s chief economist Lawrence Yun said in a press conference. MORE

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