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2010-1-1-BALI NEWS & VIEWS

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      2010-1-1-BALI NEWS & VIEWS
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         2010-1-1-BALI NEWS & VIEWS




      Over 24,000 readers worldwide.

             Save a tree do not print this newsletter unless necessary.  

      "Your recent newsletter was done very well, packed with good info. I was especially interested in your comments on the "2nd surge in Bali real estate. "2009-10-12 Mr. J. American Bali Expatriate

      Thanks for keeping me on your Bali send-outs list. . .  Love seeing how things are going in your area of the world and appreciate your evaluation of the world economy. Mr. B. G. Vict. Canada 12-4-09

      "We are Big Fans of you". Happy New Year !Regards, Dec 12th 2009 Mr. K. L. President/CEO The Global Position on Real Estate

      Thank you for your news letters. I find them most informative, especially since we have decided to live in Bali as of mid next year. Hopefully our paths will cross one day? Dec 13th 2009. M. A. N.

      Editors Note: Someone needs to be fired over false Bali Bombing Warning.

      In the middle of my daily ritual of a wonderful Bali massage on New Year's Eve I received two S.M.S. messages from concerned friends advising me that C.N.N. was warning that there was an imminent bombing threat in Bali.

      "An imminent bombing threat in Bali."

      I  immediately checked the warning on Google news and   issued a memo to all our Bali luxury Villa guests and owners advising them of the United States Embassy warning and to be careful.

      It is now eight o'clock New Year's day and to my knowledge there has been no bombings on the island of Bali. The only bomb was the  public relations bomb. MORE

      "Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, said he "never issued such a statement or letter regarding the threat of terrorist attacks."

      U.S. warns of Bali terror attack

      Canada does not change its travel status, but advises citizens to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Indonesia

      Jakarta - The Canadian Press Published on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009 12:23PM EST Last updated on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009 12:33PM EST

      Canada is leaving its travel warning to the Indonesian island of Bali unchanged even as the U.S. Embassy warned of a possible New Year's Eve terrorist attack on the popular tourist destination Thursday. MORE

      Editors New Years Predictions:

      Below is my predictions for 2010 that will appear in a local newspaper this week.

      I hope that they are as good or better than my 75% accuracy last year.

      Thank you very much for reading our newsletter through the year.


      Bali's Economy  "Continue the trend in 2010"

      Thirteen year resident of Bali Lawrence Bellefontaine has made many unorthodox predictions on Bali real estate, investments and world economies with uncanny accuracy over the years.

      He is president director of 140 employee strong PT. B.A.L.I. in Sanur.

      Seven years ago in his weekly Bali Sun "Real Estate News" column he predicted that "Bali would be like Hawaii 30 years ago" and that a new demand from foreigners seeking Bali villas as an investment would drive prices up dramatically. Since that prediction his ©Bali Luxury Villas have increased as much 100 %. MORE

      "Bali would be like Hawaii 30 years ago"


      Indonesia sees 2010 tourist arrivals up 8.5 pct

      JAKARTA, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Indonesia aims to attract 7 million foreign tourists in 2010, up from about 6.45 million visitors this year, Tourism and Culture Minister Jero Wacik said on Wednesday. MORE

      Cheap airfares and a strong dollar are fuelling a tourist drought in Margaret River:

      Cheap airfares and a strong dollar are fuelling a tourist drought in Margaret River, according to The Australian Financial Review.

      West Australians are swapping glasses of Margaret River chardonnay for cocktails at a Bali poolside this festive season as the strong dollar and airline price war make travelling to the Indonesian island more attractive than ever. MORE

      Denpasar Festival Opens in Bali
      Monday, 28 December, 2009 | 10:08 WIB

      TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:
      A festival of art and culture dubbed the Denpasar Festival opens today in Bali to close the year with different events ranging from culinary, flowers, handicrafts, fashion, and performance. MORE

      Bali Park to Memorialize Bomb Victims

      Denpasar. The Bali administration has said it supports a plan to build a park commemorating the victims of the 2002 and 2005 terrorist bombings on the island.

      The idea for the memorial was conceived by an association of victims of the bombings. MORE

      Ricki-Lee Coulter plans to leave Melbourne after her role in Carols by Candelight

      RUN your finger down the list of jobs on Ricki-Lee Coulter's schedule for next year and you could be forgiven for thinking the performer and TV personality might be on the verge of another breakdown. MORE

      Bali to hold second international yoga festival
      Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Bali-India Foundation will hold another round of International Yoga Festival which will be participated in by some 1.500 Yogis from across the world. MORE


      Tourism hit hard as travellers head for distant shores


      December 31, 2009

      THE number of Australians choosing to leave Australia for their holidays will continue to outstrip the number of tourists arriving here, delivering yet another blow to an already embattled domestic tourism industry, forecasts show. MORE



      Indonesian Land Sale Man Sought Over $200,000 'Scam'
      DENPASAR ~ Bali Police have put a fugitive Indonesian property company director on their most-wanted list following the arrest of two British citizens resident here over an alleged property scam involving a Russian. MORE

      Unionist faces drug charge in Bali

      A PROMINENT West Australian union identity could face years in an Indonesian prison after being arrested for allegedly attempting to take drugs into Bali. MORE


      Review 2009: No excuse can suffice for PLN's services

      May no more blackouts haunt us in 2010. Thank you.

      This is the New Year's wish from electricity users and employees of state power company PT PLN. The blackouts that have occurred in the city since September are not the first and most likely not the last. MORE

      Indonesia's Bali Export To U.S. Reaches US$79 Million

      JAKARTA, Dec 24 (Bernama) -- The export from Indonesia's tourist destination island of Bali to the United States has reached some US$79 million from January to October this year, or contributed 19.2 percent of its total export in that period, the Antara news agency reported on Wednesday. MORE


      Editors Note: As my readers are well aware I have been very bullish on the Canadian dollar for several years as it has gone form .60 to USD to .96 this week.

      It recorded its highest level ever against the EURO last week and I expect superior performance from the Canadian in 2010 especially if the Chinese start holding Canadian to diversify away for the falling U.S.D.

      Several ways you can profit from the Canadian move . Buy Canadian mining stocks, start a Canadian account, buy a futures contract and others. Don't hold U.S.D. long term.  MORE

      Flaherty Says Russia, China May Buy Canada Dollars:

      Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said China, with the world's largest currency reserves of $2.3 trillion, may be poised to buy Canadian dollars as it seeks to shield its reserves against the U.S. dollar's decline. MORE


      "How I miss Bali . Kuta Beach, Paddy's, uuhh, everything !

      " RT I don't wanna stay at home.. Bali is, indeed, too nice.. @eobeo: I don't wanna go home..=( bali is just too nice.."

      Morning my beautifull bali ,, love this place even more !! Must seen place in the whole world, xoxo

      waking up to beautiful glorious Bali...I'm blessed

      an't wait to see your photos. I love Ubud. Bali is beautiful! Have fun and enjoy your holidays!


      For more information on our ©Bali luxury villa rentals

      Thank you very much for reading our latest Bali News & views Newsletter.

      Cheers, Lawrence Bellefontaine

      Disclaimer: All information presented above is considered true and reliable to the best of our knowledge at the time that it was produced. Information and prices may change without notice. We accept no responsibility for incorrect information listed herein . All recommendations may lose value in the future due to economical, political influences or any other reason. We do not guarantee the future performance.


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