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2009-8-4-Bali News & Views

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      2009-8-4-Bali News & Views
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         2009-8-4-Bali News & Views



       Aug  6 th. 2009

      Over 23,000 readers worldwide.

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      "Thank you for the informative and interesting news from Bali--if there's a paradise beyond Vancouver Island it's Bali!" 7/15/09 Mr. B. G. Real Estate , Victoria, BC       



      Hello Readers:

      Another beautiful Sunday morning walk and breakfast with my 84 yr old mother two Balinese dogs and Golden Retriever.

      Omelets, drinks and Sausage treat for dog's. Total bill for two only $12.00 .

      There was about 300% more Balinese than normal who were cleansing themselves in the ocean as part of The Saraswati Day Celebration

      This is why we say "life is good in Bali"

      Last Saturday -  Saraswati Day In Bali :

      Hari Raya Saraswati - Balinese Hindu belief that knowledge is an essential medium to achieve the goal of life as a human being. This day celebrates Saraswati in Bali, a special day devoted to the Goddess of learning, science and literature. rules the intellectual and creative realm, and is the patron saint of libraries and schools. MORE

      Pagerwesi Day In Bali:

      Wed. was Pagerwesi, the day when Balinese fortify the space around themselves to ward off evil spirits. Literally interpreted means 'iron fence'. It is a day when man should fortify the space around himself to fend off evil spirits - the continuous battle between good and evil. MORE

      News Rubbish Cans Provided by Pt. Bali Luxury Villas

      After years of asking the Bali Hyatt to keep their border clean we finally received permission to manufacture and place several nice looking containers where the Balinese can dispose of their rubbish each day. MORE



      Embracing the tourist trap that is Kuta Beach.

      Probably the nicest thing about Bali is how utterly spotless the locals keep the outdoor floor tiles, which are everywhere. The guy over there just finished with the patio I'm on. He used a tineless rake wrapped in a towel to wipe away the overnight rain, and if I squint, I can see the last haze of moisture evaporating. The morning air is a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius. Bali, haven of sun and sand, lies eight degrees below the equator. MORE

      Too many taxis in Bali

      This is a comment on an article titled, "Government issues 180 taxi permits for two operators," (The Jakarta Post, July 15).

      Taxi drivers and the public have been complaining for months that there are too many taxis already licensed in Bali. The existing drivers are finding difficult to get enough customers per taxi to cover their expenses. MORE

      Letter From The Editor:

      I agree Bali as too many taxis and much to many unprofessional taxi drivers.

      As a 13 year Bali resident and owner of a major business I agree there are perhaps 30% to 50% too many taxis in Bali. MORE


      Bali prepares free medical services for 2010

      Ni Komang Erviani ,  The Jakarta Post ,  Denpasar   |  Sat, 07/25/2009 1:49 PM  |  The Archipelago

      The Bali provincial administration is currently preparing a comprehensive health plan that would provide the island's residents with free health services by 2010. MORE

      Schapelle Corby climbs jail tower, family says she's struggling

      A DEPRESSED Schapelle Corby had to be coaxed to safety after climbing a water tower near her Bali cell block, The Daily Telegraph reports. MORE


      K.Bali International 10K - A Run for Unity |

      Bali Blog: If you just happen to be in Bali on Sunday August 10th and.. http://bit.ly/lyKnX



      Earlier this year, the RBS group (RBS) announced its intention to sell its Retail and Commercial business in Asia.

      About ANZ bank MORE


      Why Food Prices Are Set To Rocket

      Sean Brodrick writes: China leads the world in many things, including the amount of ground lost to desertification or ecological disaster. MORE

      East Asia growth may rebound sharply, ADB says

      July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Canada's dollar gained for the first time in three days against its U.S. counterpart as advances in commodities such as crude oil and copper and global equities indicated risk aversion may be weakening. MORE

      Housing market slides in Trinidad and Tobago

      After enormous price increases from 1991 to 2006, the property market in the twin-islands of Trinidad and Tobago has slumped during the past two years.



      The following comments are made on the Bali Twitter Page this week form happy Bali Tourists.

      "arrived in Bali Reef. was amazing on the plane trip!! This place is perfect.."

      "walking on the beach..playing the sand with my foot..joking around..watching people tanning their skin..feel like heaven..I love bali..h ..."

      "Going to the beach tomorrow... You just can't go cold turkey from Bali beaches"

      "Sitting on my bamboo mat, absorbing the raw sensuality of Bali. Blessing the web for keeping me connected to loved ones"

      Bali  HEALTH advice


      Bali prepares free medical services for 2010

      The Bali provincial administration is currently preparing a comprehensive health plan that would provide the island's residents with free health services by 2010. MORE

      Letter from Skal Re Swine Flu

      Influenza A continues to be a challenge for mankind. The speed with which the illness is capable of spreading is alarming MORE

      Letter from the Editor :

      Swine flu everyone's responsibility:

      After reading the above memo on Swine Flu and clicking on the pictorial graph (which is like looking at a sci-fi movie) I realized that as industry leaders we are reasonable to help detect and treat swine flu at the early stages.

      So today I issued the following directive to our 140 staff. MORE

      If you are in the industry I suggest you do the same.

       Indonesians' anger with the bombings

      A fundamentalist blog claiming responsibility over the twin hotel bombings in Jakarta has attracted huge interest among internet users, and reveals the general feeling of anger Indonesians have toward the barbaric terrorist act. MORE




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