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4611News from Issuu: #ClippedOnIssuu, Android App and More

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    Jul 23, 2014
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      News from Issuu: #ClippedOnIssuu, Android App and More

      Hi, Dwi Yani SM


      Introducing Clip

      Introducing Issuu Clip, a new product from Issuu that allows readers to easily clip and share any part of your publication that inspires them with other readers across the digital landscape. Find out what Clip means for publishers or watch the video here.

      Issuu on Android

      More than just a mobile version of Issuu, our app was designed from the pixels up to deliver the world’s best mobile reading experience. Now that your publication can go anywhere, your readers will spend more time with your content than ever before and share it with friends with just the touch of a finger. Try it out for yourself and let your readers know it's the best way to read your publication on Android.

      Featured Publisher

      Tennis Now

      Tennis Now's strategy is to provide their readers with a deep dive into everything tennis. By publishing monthly magazines devoted to the biggest tennis events in full on Issuu and utilizing an Issuu embed on their website, Tennis Now has generated over 4.2 million impressions and almost 90,000 reads on Issuu to date. With Clip, they are now able to leverage their reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to drive increased traffic to their magazines by sharing bite-sized content with their engaged readers. See their strategy in action in their latest issue, the 2014 Wimbledown Review.
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