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Re: catboats

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  • Craig O'Donnell
    ... Huh? Bolger s Oldshoe is 11.5 feet (
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 1, 2001
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      At 12:07 PM -0400 6/1/01, Craig O'Donnell wrote:
      >I think two masts on a 14.5' are too complex. I would rather move
      >the mast further aft. Maybe that is just as easy in such a small

      Huh? Bolger's Oldshoe is 11.5 feet (<4m) and a cat-yawl. Jinni is a
      15ft sharpie cat-yawl. Many sailing canoes in the 14-17 ft range are
      two masted.

      It's practically a no-brainer to make a polytarp junk sail and put it
      on a gaff or sprit rigged boat. I did this with a friend's "Elver"
      canoe yawl. Aside from removing the gaff and boom and sail I doubt
      there would be anything else to change. Just use one or both
      halyards, the rest of the sail fittings are just ropes and they are
      attached to the junk sail and will come off and on with the sail.

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