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Re: [junkrig] Re: Freedom 32

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  • Barry Stellrecht
    On 7/19/13 10:19 PM, bhilpholger wrote: Thanks for the thoughts, all. I suspect I probably don t know enough to ... Actually, I think that by far the biggest
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 20, 2013
      On 7/19/13 10:19 PM, bhilpholger wrote:> Thanks for the thoughts, all. I
      suspect I probably don't know enough to
      > jump into this project - I was hoping someone would say it was easy,
      > just hoist a junk sail on the existing mast, using the existing
      > hardware!

      Actually, I think that by far the biggest part of the job would be
      creating a junk sail, battens, yards, and all the rigging. The rest
      wouldn't be too much work. There is a single sheave at the masthead for
      the main halyard, and I'd recommend a 3:1 or possibly 5:1 purchase for
      the halyard. I'm not sure how difficult that would be to install.

      The mast track might chafe on the battens & parrels too much...if so,
      you would need to drill out rivets to remove it. But you could probably
      do a test hoist and test sail with them still intact.

      Any mast work would be a lot easier to do if you had a boatyard or
      somebody with a crane pull the mast first, but you might be able to do
      the whole thing with the mast stepped, especially if you like working
      from a bosun's chair or harness :)

      It will *change* the market/value of the boat, but it may not be a big
      reduction. Some people actually want to buy a junk-rigged boats, which
      are hard to find and Freedom's are not a completely conventional rig

      Switching it back to a standard Freedom rig will probably involve
      backing out some of your work.

      Good luck if you try it....if you don't, I'm sure that buying a
      junk-rigged boat is a much faster way to get sailing on a junk!


      s/v Flutterby
      Junk rigged Freedom 33 cat ketch
    • lself100
      ... http://www.sunbirdmarine.com/benford_34.htm
      Message 2 of 7 , Jul 20, 2013
        --- In junkrig@yahoogroups.com, "bhilpholger" <dwknoedler@...> wrote:
        > And, the idea that converting would immediately substantially reduce the value of the boat seems likely to be true, and would have to be taken into consideration. Anyone know of a Badger for sale?

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