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20243Re: [junkrig] RE: can i just copy Johanna's rig?

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  • Ron Mills
    Mar 11, 2014

      Thank you Arne.

      a-kve2@... wrote:

      I am not sure. The keel is almost as long as a Folkboat keel. If the boat were mine, I would probably try it with a JR, as it is,  but be prepared for some necessary fixes to the rudder, if it turned out necessary:'

      • One improvement could be to fit an endplate to the bottom of the rudder.
      • Another could be (if the propeller is a fixed 3-blader) to install a feathering propeller, like A Kiwi to get a better waterflow over the rudder under sail
      • If the two first fixes are not enough to steer the boat downwind in some following offshore sea, I would be prepared to add a second rudder to the stern.
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