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  • gefinn_othni
    Mar 5, 2014
      well, i think, at that time, a lot of cruisers were suspicous of fin keel/spade rudder vessels. if a sail isn't reefed soo n enough, it does tend to cause extra weatherhelm. so, i think you are right in your assessment of that problem.

      i, also, think a junk rig would work well. it's the mast/mast position that concerns me.

      i think a shorter deep roached main, as my temporary sail plan til i figure out the junk rig, would fix the bad sail twist issue. on the whole, due to mast turbulece, the tops of skinny high aspect bermudas do not work effectively. 

      thanks for your input and good wishes.

      ---In junkrig@yahoogroups.com, <dougpol2@...> wrote :

      First off I have never sailed one but I will describe the Scuttlebutt back when they were new. Among Cruising boat sailors they were considerer to tricky for a cruising boat in that they had a spade rudder and a fin keel.�� Those objections I think are largely over come but a junk rig. Supposedly the rudder could be stalled by pushing her too hard to windward in a stiff breeze.�� That was generally caused by not reefing soon enough. A junk rig easily and quickly reefed should eliminate that problem.�� The second thing is the Bermuda rig that came on her required the sailor to haul the main in tight to have the upper part of the sail pulling. OF course the bottom hauled that tight in, did not pull and only created side thrust and even more tendency to stall the rudder.�� The junk rig with each panel controlled
      creates way less side thrust and I think is far more suitable for cruising than the original rig.�� If you like, a small mizzen making her a yawl will give more control at anchor against sailing around�� the harbor. The other thing is the short mast is nice to sheet the�� bridle for the mainsail panels to.�� A few lines and pullies to the rudder from�� the mizzen boom makes a fair wind vane to take over steering under some conditions.���� Good luck with your project.������������������ Doug

      03/05/2014 12:48 PM, motorcyclejack2@... wrote:

      cambered. i need a boat that has really good windward ability. my back up motor is probably going to be a yuloh.

      i just got it. bought it off of the lean dock. it was abandoned. ��it came with no sails. so, i am exploring possibilities. the person that will be my crew had never even been in a boat before i went to look at this one. she definately has no sailing experience. i have had 18 years experience on both an 11 foot spritsail dinghy and a holiday 20. i am trying to set the boat up to be the safest and most easily handled by myself....that way i don't have to depend on my totally bot inexperienced crew in a pinch.

      the junk rig is very attractive to me, for this reason. easy reefing. one sail so it will be like sailing my dinghy, only bigger. i tend to like' traditional' sails more than the 'modern' bermunda rig.

      my other choice in sail plan is a hobie 18 fully battened main and a roller furled jenny.

      i appreciate the advice on the cal 27 as it's set up stock. that's good to know.

      that will help me decide my sail plan. it's hard to find out anything about these early cal 27s. tons of info on the 2-27. anything you can tell me about the stock performance of this boat will be greatly appreciated. it will help me decide my best course.

      what i might decide to do is to go the hobie sail, now, and sail a season while i plan for a junk rig.

      thanks for the response.

      ---In junkrig@yahoogroups.com, <BAD.WABBIT@...> wrote :

      Nope, but I've sailed one a standard one for several seasons.�� Are you considering flat or cambered sails?�� Seemed to be fully powered up with a genoa in light air, so maybe that's a good sail area amount.�� Some weather helm, but not excessive, so maybe the CE is good.�� The boat was no fun in a breeze off the wind so reef early.

      On his hoity Droidy

           Doug Po0llard 
      Albin Vega Sea Legs 2225
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