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20229Alluminium mast wall thickness

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  • magpiec28
    Mar 4, 2014
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      I have a couple of options for sourcing an aluminium mast, but i don't know what kind of wall thickness i need.
      I'm copying Johanna's rig (as much as i can).
      I found a supplier who can sell me aluminium tubing that's:
      • 4.2 metres long
      • 20.3 cm diameter
      • 3 mm wall thickness
      For taper I'm looking at sleeving three sections together, maybe.

      Another fellow has a 12 metre aluminium flagpole he's willing to sell me that's:
      • 12 metres long
      • 25 cm diameter at base, 9 cm at top
      • 6 mm wall thickness
      Trouble is, he wants $3,500 AUD for it, plus freight (about 2,000 km). Ouch.

      I note that Annie Hill recently made her mast with a 6 metre section of aluminium tubing (don't know the diameter or wall thickness) and put a wooden topmast in, for both length and taper.
      I might go that route too. Maybe.

      But for now, can someone please tell me what the recommended wall thickness should be for an aluminium mast for an 8.5 metre (28 feet) boat?
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