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20216Re: [junkrig] Designing Junk Rig for Westerly Nomad

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  • jonny_kaplan2002
    Feb 20, 2014
      Thanks! I spoke with Tom a year or two back about a different boat …very nice guy!

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      Subject: Re: [junkrig] Designing Junk Rig for Westerly Nomad

      tom Colvin helped me with my conversion... good luck! and dont fret, its not rocket science!

      On Tuesday, 18 February 2014, <lazystar@...> wrote:

      Hi Everyone!!

      I am wondering if I can possibly get some assistance from someone here on this site.
      I've been obsessed with the Junk Rig for years…ever since reading "Voyaging On A Small Income" 
      I'm sure no one on this site needs me to explain the merits of the junk!
      As you all may know…. Here in the U.S. …pretty much the ONLY way to get a junk is to do it yourself.
      I was starting the process of junking my Westsail 32 …and the project became a bit too cost prohibitive for me…which is why I've chose to downsize to the Nomad….much smaller …and MUCH easier to convert.
            The plan is to have a very simple , flat cut , Hasler type sail , with wood yard and Aluminum battens …and to use an Aluminum flagpole for a mast.
      I have all of the necessary books , construction knowledge and ability , and have been sourcing parts , supplies etc. The one thing that I lack ….. most likely because I chose to sleep through my Algebra and Geometry classes in school haha!…is the ability to do the proper calculations…. to know the exact sizes of sail , mast thickness , diameter , exact length  etc etc.
      I am wondering if there is anyone out there who may be interested in lending a hand??? 
      In return …I'll take you sailing in Southern California!!!


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